Online learning, online school, or online education, are the new normal words these days for all the kids. Its been more than 6 months since my daughters’ online school started and although it has been a little challenging at times, I am glad that at least they have access to studies. The new challenge which we faced recently is the online exams. I am sharing some online exam tips for kids and parents in this post from my own experience.

Many schools have changed the pattern of exams this year and elementary and middle school kids are having reviews that are more of multiple-choice types. I feel it’s the right option for them as it’s not easy to conduct online exams for younger kids. Also, it’s the best option in the current scenario. Since my daughter is in high school, she is having proper first term exams of 80 marks each. Initially, we all were not sure how it will go and how we will manage it but till now its been a smooth experience.

Online exam tips for kids and parents –

  1. Make sure kids are not anxious. As this is something new for them too, it’s natural to get a little anxious but as parents, you have to make sure they are calm and relaxed before an exam.
  2. Check the internet connection beforehand and try switching off all other gadgets for that 2 or 3 hours if possible.
  3. It would be helpful to have a proper study table and chair with enough space to keep a laptop, phone, and camera. Also, there should be a comfortable space for the child to write the exam easily.
  4. Make sure you arrange and keep all the stationery on the table beforehand. This will save the last-minute hassles and trouble of running out to get new stuff.
  5. My daughter has to keep her camera on for the entire time when the exam is going on. I am sure it’s the same in many schools conducting online exams. So, do check the camera beforehand and install it properly as asked by school.
  6. Make sure to fully charge all the gadgets before the exam. I remember it was an issue we faced on my daughter’s first exam when we realised that her phone was out of charge while scanning pictures of answer sheets. Luckily, we installed all the apps on other phones too and that helped.
  7. Last but not least, do not panic. As parents, you have to be relaxed as this is something completely new for kids too. They are trying their best and you should encourage them instead of being stressed out yourself.

Tips for kids –

I have only one tip for kids – Do not panic, stay calm and relaxed. These are just exams and although the marks matter but they do not matter more than your life Study hard, give your best shot but don’t worry about the outcome.

My daughters’ exams are almost over and it’s been a different but smooth experience. I would like to give credit to the teachers and school management for it. It’s not easy for teachers too as they have to make sure that everything goes smoothly for all kids. Nobody knows how long this will go on but for now, this is the new normal, and hope kids get used to it soon.

Is your child also giving online exams this year? Do let me know how was your experience.

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