Time is running fast like sand out of our hands,

And in the middle of all this, memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

The time we have spent together was so memorable,

The fights we shared were too miserable.

You surely knew how to annoy me and make me snap at you,

I kept me cool at times and tried not to shout at you.

From a distance, I watched you grow,

And wondered about the man I now know.

We have seen lots of ups and downs together,

But you always took me through the cloudy sky to show that life is better.

You always told me that happy days are here to stay,

And opened the door of happiness which was earlier stained.

You were put to so many tests in life,

But you came out shining bright.

We will always have each other,

I am so glad that you are my little brother.

We played, we fought when we were small,

And those memories will stay forever in my heart.

Today we stand together side by side,

And I know I can come to you for any help, comfort or advice.

Thank you, dear brother, for just being there,

As it makes me happy thinking that you are here.

A brother like you is very rare. 🙂

Happy Rakshabandhan to all Brothers and sisters! Celebrate this special bond between brother and sisters which grows with each passing year!