Diwali is a festival of lights, of celebrating new beginnings, of the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It is my favourite festival as I love the celebrations, the fireworks, sweets and basically the whole atmosphere around it. We all buy Diwali Gifts like sweets, dry-fruits, candles, puja thalis, and other items to express our good wishes.

My kids love this festival too and they make sure to do certain things every year. I also encourage them as it’s really important for kids to see and learn about our festivals. What can be a better way to learn by actually getting involved and observing?

Kids are surely going to enjoy more if you involve them in Diwali celebrations-

  1. CLEANING– Are you getting ready for Diwali? Is the cleaning done? The first step for Diwali preparations is ‘cleaning the house.’ Get your kids involved by assigning them a particular room or they can even start with their own room too. coolclips__wb030366
  2. DECORATING- Every year my daughter’s paint Diya’s which we get for Diwali. They enjoy doing this and it helps to bring out their creativity too. Both try to make it colourful and better than each other. They like lighting their own hand-painted Diyas on Diwali.

    Painted by my daughters

  3. RANGOLI– My daughters also love making rangoli and we buy different colours every year. It is not about winning or making the best rangoli but it is about the spirit of the festival. Let them use their imagination and make beautiful designs. 20151111_143433-2
  4. COOKING- There are many easy and non-heat cooking recipes for making sweets. Kids are surely going to enjoy making sweets too if we encourage them. My daughters normally make coconut ladoos which are easy and yummy too. This is an important part of our Diwali celebrations. dsc_0197
  5. PLANNING– We all get many guests during Diwali or hold Diwali parties. Get your kids involved in certain things like making the guest list, planning games, serving, etc. Responsibility teaches them many different things and makes them confident too. 20151111_183421_lls

Children love this festival and all the lights, glitters and fun around it. They like to illuminate their homes with Diya’s, small decorative clay lanterns that come in all colours and designs. Let your kids help you in Lakshmi Pooja too. I am sure favourite part of the day for them is bursting of crackers but all other things are surely going to help them not only learn about the festival but about their culture too. Involve them in Diwali celebrations with these small tips.

Also, it is very important to stay safe during Diwali and take some important precautions.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali in advance. 🙂