It is the season of joy, festivities, and fun. It seems as if Diwali approached really fast this year. There are so many things that need to be planned before Diwali and I feel completely unprepared this time. It is my favourite festival and no other festival has the same charm. The shopping, gifts, decorations, sweets, and feasts make it all worthwhile.

A few days back I heard a small boy asking his mom a lot of questions about Diwali and I thought to myself, “Do we teach our kids the significance of festivals?” or “ Isn’t it necessary to teach our kids the actual story behind the festivals?”

Here is a list of few questions which kids commonly ask or this is a list which can help you to get an idea on how to explain it to kids. Older Kids might know some of it but it’s always better to explain the relevance to younger kids.

  • Why should we clean the house on Diwali?

We clean the house/office, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and we also throw away all that is not welcome at our home.  With dust and all the unwanted stuff, we make sure to make our house clean and fresh. Diwali is the time when we let go of everything that went bad to make a fresh start.

  •  Why do we decorate our house with lights/ diyas on Diwali?

Diwali is a celebration of Lord Ram returning back to his home and as everyone was happy, the whole kingdom celebrated with him. Lights and diyas are a way to welcome everyone. 

  • Why do people light diya in front of their houses even when they are not there?

Decorating our home and lighting Diyas even when we are not there is important. When there is light everywhere, why should we leave our house dark? It is a family member too. So, by lighting a diya or switching on the lights for some time, we are including our house in the Diwali celebrations too.

  • Why do we exchange gifts on Diwali?

They asked this just out of curiosity as we all know that kids love receiving gifts. I told them that we exchange gifts to show our friends and family that we care for them and love them. It is a way to show your love for others.

  • Why do we eat/make sweets on Diwali?

As a Dietician, I have this habit of instructing my family about what to eat and what not to eat. So, they were fast to ask me this question as they know too many sweets is not good. I told them it’s ok to indulge in sweets and feasts once in a while. As it’s Diwali, it’s the perfect reason to celebrate. Celebrations are a time to feast but in a moderation.


Diwali is a festival which is celebrated in different ways in different parts of our country. We all might celebrate it differently but it is one festival which we all love.

This Diwali, let’s involve our younger ones and also have fun with them. Why not become a child like them and build beautiful memories?

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