Karvachauth is a ritual followed by married ladies who pray for long life of their husband. In this fast one is not even allowed to take a sip of water until it is broken.

Ladies dress in their finest and exchange gifts with their in laws or elders in the house. They apply mehndi, get ready in beautiful attires with latest designs, perform goddess Parvati’s Pooja and wait for moon to come out. They break their fast when they see the moon and then only take their first sip of water.

Here are few tips for all the mommies following this fast-

  1. Consult your doctor-

    If you have any problem or any illness, it is always better to consult your doctor before keeping fast. Take recommended medicines if any on the day of fasting too.

  2. Take tea/milk after puja

    Normally it’s said that whatever you take in your first fast after marriage, you have to continue with the same ritual. So, it’s better to take milk, tea, juices etc. after Pooja in your first fast itself. Check with your elders at home before starting anything. It’s a personal choice too.

  3. Distract your mind-

    It is better to distract your mind by playing games with friends or going out with your husband for a movie etc. These things can help you from thinking about food all day. 😉

  4. Fast breaking-

    Although it’s difficult to control yourself after full day fasting, but try to avoid high calorie and fat rich foods with excess sugar and salt to break your fast. Eating after a long break can already cause acidity, so it’s better to avoid greasy and heavy food.

  5. Sargi-

    Sargi are the food items which are eaten before sunrise and is given by mother in laws to their daughter in laws. If you eat sargi before sunrise, try eating things like almonds, paneer or any other protein rich food, Fruits like banana or pomegranate. Avoid too much sweets as they can make you feel hungry soon.

  6. If you’re a mom

    Try finishing all the  cooking in the morning itself, so you don’t have to run around a lot. I know it’s easier said than done but it is better to take help that day regarding all household chores. The work is never finished with kids at home, it’s a good idea to ask your husband to take charge for a day. 🙂

  7. Go out and relax-

    If you can take out sometime, go out for spa and relax. It is a good idea to not overthink, only do light chores, watch TV or your favourite movies and just relax.

Enjoy, stay calm and happy fasting!

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