‘’The newborns!’’ Ahh! the word itself describes thrill and fear altogether, doesn’t it? I remember my excitement of intertwining with those tiny fingers; the fear of making mistakes. Now, that was the most nerve-wracking part. But you know, it’s okay. Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride for a lifetime. Believe me, its essence is irreplaceable. On some days, I would jump in every corner; on other days, my bed would feel like that long-lost love. It’s just a beautiful feeling joining all the pieces together.

But amidst this, I made sure to learn about baby skincare. Their skin is vulnerable, delicate, and requires extra care. Exposing them to harmful ingredients is like knowingly provoking risk. Newborn baby skincare is as crucial as our skincare. It’s important to be gentle to their skin and learn about ingredients to avoid in baby products. I know it’s challenging to know about these harmful ingredients. So, why not learn about one such ingredient we mommies should avoid in baby care products.

The ingredient is Phenoxyethanol. It’s among the topmost components resulting in allergic reactions. Phenoxyethanol in skincare is a big no, especially for newborns. But before deep-diving further, let’s learn briefly about this ingredient. It is known as a preservative and is replaced with parabens that kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of the product.

Have brands been using Phenoxyethanol in their products?

The answer is yes. As said, most brands have been using phenoxyethanol as an alternative to parabens. To put it more simply, it has become a common practice. However, recent studies show that phenoxyethanol side effects are harmful and damaging to the skin. Doctors and pediatricians highly recommend avoiding the ingredient, especially for your little munchkins.

Why is Phenoxyethanol not favourable for newborns?

It has been associated with skin, eye, and body irritation. Moreover, the use of phenoxyethanol in baby care products can lead to health and skin concerns. Many studies have concluded that a high amount of the ingredient can affect the nervous system and worsen eczema. It is recommended to use only the best phenoxyethanol-free baby cosmetics, like Chicco.

Your little one deserves love and gentle skincare. Make sure you provide him with the same. Remember, phenoxyethanol in skincare can be dangerous for your baby’s health. You surely don’t want to ruin the initial phases of joy. Let me tell you, it’s not at all favourable to expose newborns to skin irritation and illness. Why ruin this phase with worries when you can create some happy memories with extra care?

Final thoughts

It’s time we all say no to harmful ingredients like phenoxyethanol. Your baby’s future is in your hands. Make wise choices when it comes to skincare. Baby cosmetic products are often contaminated with ingredients with higher risk. It is thus recommended to pick products that best suit their skin i.e., choosing  Phenoxyethanol-free baby products in India. So, are you ready to provide your little one with the best? I am assuming it’s a yes! I have already made a wise choice for my kid, have you?