As a mom, I know how important it is to take care of your kids and their overall health. Both mental health and physical health matter right from the start. For the mental development of kids, there are many things you can do as a parent like involving them in extracurricular activities, reading books, and spending quality time with them. But when it comes to physical health, it is crucial to visit the right doctor according to the need. Oral health or dental health of kids is equally important as overall general health. And that’s why I am sharing about the best dental clinic for kids in Bangalore in this post.

Having routine dental visits for kids not only helps them to remain free from cavities but also allows them to follow a healthy oral care approach. When it comes to dental visits, it’s important to go to a good child-centric dental clinic where a specialist pediatric dentist is available.

Before we talk about the dental clinic, let me share my personal story. My younger one was always afraid to go to the dentist and she would delay it until it will be an emergency. As a result, she had to undergo proper treatment which would have been avoided if we planned an early visit.

I am sure there are many kids out there who are afraid of dentists and dental clinics. Dental health matters and to maintain it, the kids must avoid too many sweets, and snacks and brush at least twice a day. Make sure you start good oral habits early. You can even start using a rice size toothpaste and pea-sized toothpaste when the kids are below and above 3 years old respectively. Also, regular dental checkups are important every 6-12 months.

I learnt all these things at my child’s dental clinic and you can also check with your doctor or dentist.

Best dental clinic for kids in Bangalore-

When looking for an excellent dental clinic for my daughter, I came across Childhood smiles. It was recommended by a few of my friends and the feedback was really good. It is the first exclusive pediatric dental care center in North Bangalore. Here the chief pediatric dentist is Dr. Debarchhana Jena. She is one of the leading and renowned pediatric and preventive dentists in Bangalore. She is very friendly and makes sure kids are not anxious and are at complete ease during the consultation visits and treatment. During our visit to the clinic not only we had a painless happy dental treatment visit for my daughter but also we noticed many special and unique things about the clinic.

Consultation, Reminders for consultation visits, Treatment appointments, post-treatment follow-up every single thing was systematic and very well approached. Even my daughter is looking forward to her next follow-up visit. Hence thought of sharing a few of my experiences with you all.

Why Childhood Smiles is the best dental clinic for your kids?

  • Theme-based operatory room-Jungle room and Space room that allows the child to choose their favorite environment for dental treatment.
  • Dedicated play area to make the child feel relaxed and reduce fear and
  • An exclusive library for kids to sit back, read their favorite books, and relax.
  • Audio-visual distraction in the form of a TV that is put on the ceiling above the dental chair for kids to watch their favorite show, or cartoon and relax.
  • Advanced equipment and x-ray techniques to reduce the radiation dose of a child.
  • Minimally Invasive treatment options with advanced materials and techniques., laser.
  • Availability of complete oral care for all special health needs children.
  • Facility for all forms of sedation/anesthesia and the most popular laughing gas which makes the kids’ dental visit pleasant and painless.
  • Positive reinforcement in the form of reward following the kids’ treatment.

What all services are there?

At Childhood Smiles, they treat newborn infants to children in the age group 1 year to 16 years.  Apart from normal treatments like cleaning, filling, fluoride application, kids’ root canal treatment, kids’ dental crown/cap, etc., they also provide orthodontic dental treatments like dental braces, clear aligners, Invisalign, etc. For kids and teens. Another distinct care they offer is early orthodontic treatment and myofunctional treatment for growing children.

The main motto of the early-age orthodontic approach is to help kids prevent complex orthodontic problems. And that way, you can avoid the need for braces or major orthodontic treatments in the future for your child. The clinic is made child-friendly, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The center also uses lasers for painless surgical procedures, extractions, and tongue tie release for kids.

The most exciting part is the laughing gas which makes the anxious children calm and accepts treatment happily. The friend who recommended the clinic was worried about her daughter’s cavities but once she went there, all her anxiety vanished. They even have a TV on the ceiling to keep kids distracted during treatment. The kids also receive a bravery certificate after completing the treatment.

So, it’s like having everything in one place –

  • First dental checkup for your kids
  • Prevention of dental cavities
  • Management of dental trauma
  • Orthodontic care and much more
  • Dental care for uniquely abled kids
  • Correction of Tongue tie and lip tie

If you are looking for the best dental clinic for kids in Bangalore or a holistic dental care center for your child, Childhood Smiles is the place. It is our go-to place now for any dental issues or even for regular checkups for our kids.

I know you have to visit to believe it as when my friend suggested this clinic, even I wanted to be sure. But now I can recommend it from my personal experience. You have to visit and experience it to believe it. Kids’ dental health matters as much as adults. We sometimes tend to ignore thinking of it as a small thing but sometimes it can lead to big problems if not treated on time. And it is our kid who undergoes difficult treatment. So, make sure you take your kids for regular checkups to avoid any future problems. And choose the right place and doctor as we did by visiting Childhood Smiles and Dr. Debarchhana Jena who is an exclusive pediatric and preventive dentist.

Clinic details –


Clinic timings are Mon-Sun: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Address – Site no.2, Property no. 28/2/2, 1st floor, Sri Hanuman Nilaya, K Narayanapura Main Rd, Kothanur Post, Kothanur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077


Open From 11 AM and Closes at 8 PM.

Phone: 096112 81163