It’s the starting point of your pregnancy and we know you are super excited about the journey ahead. You have some months to wait for that happy news and of course a few pounds to grow as well. Then there are the changes you’ll require to make in your home along with purchasing the items needed for the newborn baby. But let’s start with the basic needful things first! Like getting some comfortable maternity dresses for your first trimester.

Read about some maternity dresses that you should definitely invest in.

Maxi dresses –

If you are about to attend lots of parties and there are some functions to attend, then grab some maxi dresses for your first trimester. These maxi dresses can be as glorified as you like them. For example, those in sequence and lace work, or you should also invest in some comfortable and pure cotton-based maxi dresses. This will help you hide your small bump for now. It will even make you feel comfortable and yet look elegant and sophisticated at the functions and celebrations you are attending.

A-line tops –

When it comes to maternity dresses, being a bit stylish doesn’t harm. You can opt for A-line tops or kurtas which can be a perfect combo when worn with a palazzo or loose pants. You can wear this dress at your work on a casual outing or shopping and even at semi-formal functions. This will not just make you feel comfortable but will also look stylish and trendy wearing them. Provided the material is breathable.

Layered dresses –

You will find lots of dresses suitable for the first trimester which are layered in the pattern. These layers have a specific function, they hide your baby bump as you progress further with your pregnancy. But apart from that, these layered dresses are trending nowadays. And whether it is your maternity dress or some attire for party wear, these are perfect to adorn in such functions.

Sun dresses –

Cool, calm, and relaxing sun dresses are a must-buy for your first trimester. In these are in floral or some charming geometrical prints, then wearing them seems all the more pleasurable. You will love the airy feel of these sun dresses during the starting days of pregnancy. Apart from this, the nice colours and prints will match your maternity glow too. 

Shirt dresses –

Shirt dresses make fabulous maternity wear. The reason why to-be moms prefer shirt dresses during the first trimester is that it’s pretty comfy in wearing. Secondly, the semi-loose fit makes it ideal for all weather. Thirdly the easy and convenient way to wear these dresses leave you at very much ease during the start of your pregnancy. 

Apart from these, if you are looking for some more maternity dresses for your first trimester, then you can opt for some nice frocks with a shrug to cover your growing tummy. Even the tunic salwar suits and Kurtis seem a perfect choice for this phase along with loose-fitted flared tops.