As parents we all have hopes and wishe sfor our kids. I am sharing what I wish for and what arethe hopes for my children.

Wishing many good things for you both,

Wishing happiness galore.

Hoping to be there for you both always,

Walking behind you and guiding you always.

Wishing good luck and a happy life,

Wishing you get everything for which you strive.

Hoping you aim high in life always,

And achieve everything you wish for always.

Wishing you always get family and friends love,

Wishing you understand others.

Hoping you trust your instincts always,

Be there for others but do not get used by others selfish ways.

That’s a sum of all those things which I wish and hope for my daughters. As a parent, we can wish for stars and moons for our children and hope they get everything they want in life.

I think a mom is always biased towards her kids. She prays for them and keeps them in her thoughts and blessings always. I strongly believe a mom’s blessings never go waste and they always stay with us. My mom is no more but I can feel her blessings in everything. She always used to shower her love and blessings on me and I am sure those blessings follow me everywhere and make me strong.

I still remember my mom used to say, “Dream big but remember dreams are fulfilled by hard work.” Hope to teach this to my girls too.

I wish and hope these 5 things for my girls-

As a mom I want them to be kind and every other day I tell them, “Always try to see good in others and you will be happy.”

To be happy and healthy.

Be practical in life and to have a positive outlook towards life.

To be strong and courageous to stand for what is right.

To be honest and never hurt anybody intentionally.

Most important of all, Love yourself!

These are hopes for my children. What do you wish and hope for your kids?


Last week’s winner is Shipra Trivedi.