With the pandemic hitting our life, a lot of people across the country have switched to work from home option. Due to an increase in work from home culture, people are looking to buy earphones with a controlled budget. Buying earphones is quite a cumbersome process with 100’s of companies jumping in the earphones industry. No earphones are perfect. The selection of earphones should be based on the genre of music we generally listen to. Some earphones provide you good bass or good treble or balanced output. So, sharing a list of best wired earphones under 2k.

Today I will be guiding you about earphones based on sound signature. Please note that the performance of earphones also depends on the equalizer and the DAC of the device. These earphones can tune better with good equalizer settings.

1)RHA – S500 Universal

RHA is a Sweden brand known for making good quality audio products over the years. The RHA S500u is amongst the finest sounding wired earphones. RHA’s provides a solid 3-year warranty. The RHA S500 Universal is made from aerospace-grade machined aluminum. These are extremely lightweight earphones with 14gm.

The S500 Universal’s frequency response goes as low as 16Hz and as high as 22kHz. Micro-dynamic drivers produce vibrant and full-range sound reproduction without compromise. Mids and highs are perfectly balanced and crisp. These earphones were earlier selling at Rs 2999 but with discount on http://headphonezone.in/ at Rs 1999

Verdict: These earphones are for those who love balance sounding earphones. This is not for bass heads. It produces crystal clear vocals. These are definitely recommended for those who like acoustic songs or vocal rich songs.

2)Sony MDR-XB55AP

Sony needs no introduction and is very famous for years to make quality audio devices.  The Sony MDR-XB55AP features a design that looks and feels extremely durable. These earphones are for those who like thumping bass but in controlled amount unlike those cheap earphones with provide muffled audio with unrealistic base. The MDR-XB55AP is built with 12mm Neodymium magnets that give you an exceptionally powerful sound. Its powered bass ducts are specially designed for extra deep bass with good enough vocals. The MDR-XB55AP’s cables have a serrated flat design. This makes them tangle-free and ready to use whenever you need it. These earphones will provide the best experience for the majority of people. These earphones are selling at Rs 1999.

Verdict: These earphones are for those who love bass sounding earphones. But their built quality could have been better.

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Best wired earphones under 2k

3) The SoundMAGIC E10c

E10c provides detailed high-quality sound. SoundMAGIC E10C has 10mm dynamic drivers. It has powerful, precise, and natural-sounding bass. That is why these sound exceptional with any music genre. Choose the right fitting ear tip to experience sound output. The earphones are made with metal with great build quality. The cable is covered in a high-quality plastic coating and is braided. This ensures that it has a strong tensile strength and earphones last a long time. These earphones do have a balanced audio profile. But they provide good enough sound for each genre. It is selling around Rs 1700.

Verdict: It can pull any genre of music be it old school or be it modern music.

4) Sennheiser CX 275S

The CX 275S has a frequency response of 17 – 23000 Hz and an impedance of 16 Ω. The company states that the earphones have bass-driven stereo sound, which is accurate. The midrange is clear and the treble is fairly pleasant. They are not audiophile quality earphones but they perform respectably for the price-point. It is the best microphone experience under Rs 2000 and good for people who take a lot of calls. But the headset is not very durable. It also lacks volume controls. These earphones are usually  around 2000 Rs.

Verdict: These earphones have good enough audio output. Good for people who like to listen to EDM. The only biggest con is that the built quality is horrible.

Hope you find this list of best wired earphones under 2k helpful. Do let us know if you have any more in mind in the comments below.