“Do you keep the woman in you alive after becoming a mom?” I asked few moms with small kids this question a few days back.

I got some interesting replies and here is what they all had to say-

Honestly, no idea. Don’t have time for anything else. – Veena, mom of 2 kids 3 and 7.

The days I get to comb my hair I feel a lot like a woman and less of a beast: D – Mincy, Mom of a 3 months old baby boy Nivin

The day I can go relax at the parlour feels heavenly though those days are so less 🙁 –   Neharika, Mom of a 2 and a half baby girl.

I keep the girl in me alive by doing random things that girls like doing- Shopping, desserts, makeup, lipsticks, chitchat, romance fictions etc.– Tina Basu, mom of 18 months old Bluey.

I keep the woman in me alive by listening carefully what my heart tells me. The search for answers keeps my mind fresh plus I never forget to have fun in whatever I do. Girls just want to have fun, serious fun. – Amrita, mom of a 5-year-old girl.

I know it’s easier said than done but it is important for moms to take some time out and relax. In my earlier post, I gave some tips for moms to be a girl again. It is important for a mom to be happy and relaxed if she wants her family to be happy.

A stressed mom means a stressed and unhappy family. Here are few things which you can do to keep the woman in you alive.

  • Take a break and go out shopping. Believe me, retail therapy really helps. It is a stress buster too.
  • Meet friends for a cup of tea or coffee. Chit chat sessions with your girlfriends can really lift you up.
  • Join a hobby class like dancing, Zumba, Painting, or anything you love to do. A creative outlet can help you become a calm mommy.
  • Go to a spa or visit a salon once in a while. You need to take out time for this as I know it’s not easy to think of yourself when you have a baby at home.
  • Stop feeling guilty. I think we moms feel guilty about everything and that can us unhappy too. You are not a bad mom if you take out some time for yourself.

There are many things that keep me alive as a woman but one thing which tops the list is dancing. I not only teach and choreograph for kids but for ladies too. The best part is encouraging other moms to dance and perform. We have a group called, “Dance moms” which has moms from the age group 35 to 48. This keeps me sane and happy.

What do you do to keep the woman in you alive?

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