Do you push your kids to be only doctors or engineers?

Do you still think these are the only two careers which are the best for your child?

Are you not aware of alternative career choices in India?

Do you convince your kids that art or music can be just hobbies and not careers?

If your answer to all the above questions is a yes, you need to wake up. I know we still have to go a long way but if your child wants to be something different, why stop him/her?


Sometimes the parent’s ambition comes before the child’s happiness and career choice.

My dad was a senior professor of Chemistry and he used to tutor many kids for medical and engineer entrance. I remember one child whose father was a famous doctor in our city. The child was not very bright in studies but the father wanted his son to be a doctor at any cost.  The child was a very good football player but his father had big plans for him. The boy had no interest in medicine at all but didn’t want to be a disappointment for his dad. He finally became a doctor as a result of his father being so pushy with him when he was younger.

Now, this is just one example but we have many such parents around us who want their child to succeed at all costs. They push them towards a particular career path although it may not be in their child’s best interests or they might have interest in other areas.

We still see so many parents around who feel there are only two career fields in India. Once my husband mentioned that we are fine with whatever our girls choose and we faced a lot of flak for this from some of our family and friends.

My husband and I were always happy with less pressure in school too. We didn’t want our girls to be a part of the rat race and we will be fine if they want to choose something unconventional too. We always told them to just do whatever they love and give it their best.

Please stop judging other parents who do not want their kids to go the conventional way. If our kids want to be a doctor or engineer, we are more than happy but if they don’t, then we are going to support and guide them.

Being too pushy can have a negative effect on children, and can be a discouragement for them. Next time your child shows interest in something or shares with you regarding his field of interest, show some love.


Let your child fly, do not clip his wings.

Let them choose a different field.

Guide them and be with them in their decision.

Not every child is same,

Celebrate the differences and encourage the creativity.

This post is inspired by two people. First, my 10th-grade daughter who is sure about few things but still unsure about many others. I can see that she is already feeling the pressure from outside world and get confused with so many new things she is exploring. This is difficult time for teenagers as these 3 years decide their future. So, as a parent, I want to be with her, holding her hand and ensuring her that we are always with her in whatever she decides. We will guide her but never discourage her or stop her from following her dreams.

Second, one of my friend Neha started a series of posts on the similar topic – #Learnnoteducate. I loved all her posts where she introduced different people in unconventional careers.