I started blogging more than 5 years back and the turning point was my own self-hosted website in 2016. I am a proud owner of Kreativemommy which is a lifestyle and parenting website. Although its one of the top Indian blogs in the country now but it would not have been possible without the help of my blogging community. I learnt the importance of community through one of my favourite blogging platform Blogchatter. In this post, I will be sharing about Blogchatter reloaded. The Blogchatter 2.0 is here and I just love it!

What is Blogchatter?

Blogchatter is India’s first blogging community. It’s something that started just as a Twitter chat couple of years back and is now the most popular, largest, and most active blogging community in the country. They have campaigns, tips, events, community for bloggers to grow and learn. So, as a blogger, if you are still not a part of Blogchatter, you are surely missing something.

Blogchatter Reloaded –

The good news is that a new and better version of Blogchatter is out. Blogchatter reloaded or Blogchatter 2.0 is here and it has some great features to help out bloggers in different areas. There is a new website, a new logo, and a new tagline. It’s much easier for bloggers to explore and get what they are looking for.

New features –

Blog Rolls- is the trademark feature of Blogchatter which is a section on the website where you can not only find blog posts and videos by bloggers but also submit your own. Its Blogchatter version of like and follow. For example, if you like a post or follow a blogger, it means you roll a post or roll a user/blogger.  It’s a great way to get traffic on your website. How cool is this!

Dashboard – All the registered bloggers will have their own dashboard where they can showcase their work. It will be a sperate page on the website especially for you and for your blog.

Tips – This section can help you to find information about any topic related to blogging. The best part is that it’s on the home page and can help you search for anything you are looking for. The topics are categorised for you to easily search the information on any particular topic.

Calendar/ Campaigns – In this section, you can get to see all the campaigns and events which are going on or coming up soon. For example, My Friend Alexa is coming up soon and its mentioned in the campaigns and events.

There are many new features are coming up soon. There will be a feature to check your website analytics, Alexa rank, algorithm etc. I can’t wait till Blogchatter rolls out these new features. What about you? You must go and check out the Blogchatter reloaded and explore the new features. Also, register if you are not already a part of it.

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