For our Interview series, we are introducing Lt Bhaskar Shukla who is a multifaceted personality. He is a coach, ex Indian Navy officer, physical trainer, diet consultant, and a lot more. Let’s get to know him through this interview.

Lt Bhaskar Shukla

What is your background?

My parents belong to Ayodhya, UP but I was born in Amritsar and brought up in Delhi since the age of 3 years.

I always wanted to join the armed forces and started working out at the age of 6 and running at the age of 8. I also play chess and still secure prizes in Chess Championships at various levels. Also, I was lucky enough to get into the Navyug School, Sarojini Nagar through an entrance exam in the 6th class. This is a Delhi govt. school for gifted children wherein all the facilities are available including proper meals, auditorium, extracurricular activities, swimming, etc.

Throughout my school and college life, I had been an active cadet of NCC and I received all the three certificates, viz. A, B, and C certificates of NCC and NCC Scholarship as well other than many certificates of various camps. I was also a swimming champion during my school days and secured certificates in Interschool swimming competitions. Chasing my dream, I joined Indian Navy soon after my graduation as an officer cadet in Executive Cadre through Permanent Commission entry of CDSE of UPSC. However, I actually wanted to join the Army, but accidentally got Navy.

Still, I performed very well in the Navy and became the first diver of my batch and first officer to go for the Marcos (Marine Commandos) course. However, I had been seasick since the beginning, and therefore after many such experiences decided to take a switch to corporate life since continuing as a seasick officer was really becoming cumbersome and problematic for me. After coming out, I started my career in the Security domain since that had always been my passion, and going forward, I joined Adani Group at Mundra Port, Kuchh as a Senior Security Officer.

Thereafter, I switched some companies in next few years for career growth and after having served as Head of Security of Eicher Tractors in Bhopal and Operations Manager of Mahindra Logistics in Delhi, I finally joined a Thermal Power Plant at Jhajjar, Haryana as Security Manager in 2017 and am continuing here since then.

2) As the founder of Life-changing coach, you are a successful Coach. Tell us more about how the idea came up? What were the key factors to starting it?

The idea behind becoming a Life-Changing Coach was to help the people around me. I thought of it since I have been guiding and mentoring many of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for the last 10 years. So, I decided to give it a formal name and position so that people can approach me with a predetermined mindset for getting the right direction.

3) You are also a writer and poet,  can you tell our readers about it?

Yes, I am a poet and a writer too, and have been writing poems since the age of 13. In recent years I have composed some good poems which are popular. My writings and poems are published in my company magazine.  I may plan to launch my own collection in the upcoming years. One can find my articles on LinkedIn and Facebook also.

Poem written by Lt Bhaskar Shukla

4) You are an ultramarathoner and Triathlete too. Please share about that journey too. 

As I said, I have been running since the age of 8, and then being a Fauzi of special cadre, running and swimming were part of my routine life. After leaving the Navy, there came a void in my life in terms of fitness. That’s why I decided to continue with my hobbies of swimming and running. Gradually, I started with Marathon events and then further the triathlon events. So, I am just pursuing my hobby by participating in some of these events.

In November 2019, I ran an ultra-marathon of 100 km in the outskirts of Delhi within a stipulated time.

5)  During lockdown, you completed 175 certifications in just 50 days. How did you do it and please share about the certifications you did?

The journey of my Certifications has been quite impromptu.

I am passionate about studies, and that’s why I didn’t give up on studies even after getting into a job. I continued this habit in the corporate sector too by doing MBA from IMT- CDL, Ghaziabad. Thereafter, I did ADFS (Advanced Diploma in Fire Safety), followed by two Certifications in Project management from UPES and PMI respectively. Moving forward, I did my MHRM (Master of Human Resources Management) last year and then the biggest International Security Certification( Also known as Gold Standard of Security) i.e. CPP® (Certified Protection Professional) this year in February from ASIS International (A US autonomous body having its presence in 175 countries) with 88% marks (704/800).

As I had a lot of time in hands due to lockdown, I did Certifications one after another in my relevant fields, viz. Physical Security, HR, Logistics, Safety, Information Security, Operations, etc. without even realising that this would become a record in itself.

I studied for almost 14-15 hours every day along with ongoing job. I am happy to inform you that when I posted it on LinkedIn, I got more than 3.5 lac views of the six posts, including 2.7 lac views on one of those posts.

Recently, I did another International Certification of Information Security known as CISM® (Certified Information Security Manager). For this, I am authorised to put as a suffix to my name.

6) You don so many hats. What is your favourite work out of everything you do and why?

Out of everything, my favourite work is Swimming since it connects me to the almighty. I keep chanting throughout when I swim. Last year I swam for 7 km non-stop in around 6 hours during which I chanted Gayatri Mantra for approx. 103000 times. I have started the same practice in my running as well and therefore I keep chanting throughout my running period. This is why I am being known as a Spiritual Runner.

7) What is your inspiration or where do you get inspiration for all the work you do?

My inspiration is my Mother. My aim in life is to keep making my Mother proud of me. I have got all these qualities from her. She is an amazing spiritual lady who had been doing social and religious deeds throughout her life during her association with the Gayatri Pariwar of Shanti Kunj Ashram, Haridwar. My aim is to make her proud.

Lt Bhaskar Shukla

Although, here I wish to mention that we are four brothers of whom I am the youngest. All my three elder brothers are doing amazing in their respective lines. Two of them being in the leading news channels of India as the well-recognised journalists. My father was also a senior govt. officer who retired as Deputy Director from the Ministry of Statistics and is now living a pensioner’s life. He is a saintly person and a renowned Astrologer with a formal PG degree from Bhartiya Vidya Parishad in Astrology.

8) Share a most important tip for youngsters today.

The most important tip for youngsters is that they must utilize their time in the best possible manner towards their professional goal. At the same time, they must take care of their health as well. Since health is the most precious wealth that never leaves us if we follow our routine. Only a healthy person can achieve great feats.

9) What is your vision? Share any future plans you have. 

My vision in to become a brand name of the security industry and a well-recognised Ironman, along with a successful life-changing coach who loves to help the mankind without any expectations in return.

Here, in the end, I would like to mention that I am a philanthropist as well and I get immense pleasure by helping the needy living beings. I am a proud follower of Danveer Karna who was the supreme warrior of the epic Mahabharata. I try and emulate his benevolence.

Bhaskar also shared about getting his complete natural hair back after having being bald for many years. It’s a miracle that hardly ever happens with anyone and he did it with all-natural ways. Check out his post about the same.

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