We all know that motherhood is not an easy thing. There are so many parenting books, videos, tips to handle various situations. However, there are some hilarious scenarios no books can prepare you for. Motherhood is like a roller coaster ride and a mix of different moments. I am sure a lot of moms can relate to many of these funny motherhood moments.

Funny motherhood moments

Here are some funny and candid things no one told me that I will get to experience with my toddler.

  1. You would step on all sorts of toys, especially the small pointy ones, all day.
  2. Going to the washroom alone is a luxury you can forget about. Your kid will need something from you the moment you step into the bathroom.
  3. They will sync their poop time with your coffee time or mealtime. Also read, Tips to teach desicion making to toddlers. 
  4. The poop time will always end up in detailed analysis – of colour, shape, and size.
  5. That ‘Baby shark Do Do Do’, ‘Let it go’ kind of songs will be your new anthems, playing all the time. Even when you go to bed, this is the only thing echoing in your thoughts
  6. You will have to be the human version of Google and you will be asked a hundred questions per minute. You need to have an answer to every why.
  7. Be careful with what you reply because your answer will create another set of questions.
  8. If the kid is awake, you will wish they will take a nap. When they take a nap, you want to wake them up, so they sleep on time at night
  9. You need to be super creative about everything – why peas are good, why birds do not go to the toilet, and why you live on Earth?
  10. Getting the kid into stroller will be like fighting with dinosaur.
  11. Your kid will throw the biggest tantrum when they have the largest audience. Their best behavior is for private viewing only.
  12. If you want to eat any chips or chocolate, you will need to do it secretly. They can hear that sound even in their sleep.
  13. You will be an expert at multitasking – all things need attention at once.
  14. They can pick that one bad word you accidentally said in front of them and repeat it at the worst possible place like their daycare.

The list will go on and on. What funny things have you experienced with your toddler? Do share your funny motherhood moments in the comments.