The child prodigy, Adora Svitak, says, “The world needs ‘childish’ thinking, bold ideas, wild creativity, and optimism.”

I completely agree with her as I am a big fan of creativity and always encourage my daughters to imagine and create. I also encourage other parents to let their kids be creative and think freely. We always focus more on studies and less on other stuff. This way we kill the creativity and do not let them think, imagine and explore.

There are different ways to encourage creativity in kids like reading, dancing, art and craft, photography, music, and writing etc. But they need a proper platform which can help them explore their creativity.

I recently came to know about one such platform. Pearson India organised a contest called MyPedia Reader Creative-writing Contest 2017. It got almost 1500 entries from kids from all over the country. The panel of judges was – award-winning author of children’s literature in English – Santhini Govindan, children’s writer – Arundhati Venkatesh and quintessential storyteller for children – Indira Ananthakrishnan.

Pearson India launched Mypedia reader which is written by children, for children on the basis of the results from the contest. It is a book with stories written by kids from different age groups and the youngest writer was 8 years old. This book launch was on 29th November 2017 and has 42 stories written by budding authors.

They chose few winners out of all the entries and the book includes stories from all the winners of the contest. The launch was followed by a mypedia reader event and you can see some photos from the event available here.

Launch event of Mypedia reader


Why is the book special?

First of all, the book is written by children, so that makes it different as it is full of creative stories. It is a book inspired and written by children. This book can help the children who will be reading the book to be creative too.


You will not only find the reading material but also many other things to help you learn the language and also unleash the creativity. It has –

  • critical-thinking prompts to make them think deeper about the stories
  • creative-writing prompts to trigger them to practice story-writing
  • comic strips and picture stories to engage visual learners
  • ‘scribble here’ space to help them freely express their ideas
  • fun games to improve vocabulary and creativity
  • Incomplete comic strip for learners to complete using their own imagination
  • ‘charts and checklists’- easy notes to help them write good stories

The good thing about the book is that the stories in MyPedia Reader come from different geographies and different cultures. These stories are from children’s viewpoint and perspective. So, the little readers can easily relate to the book and also enjoy it.

The book is available on Amazon –

I really liked the fact that Pearson India not only gave a platform to kids to show their creativity but also helped them learn and explore. Pearson India is doing a great job in the field of education. Teachers and learners use their products all over the world.

The product they recently launched is something which is a complete package in itself – Creativity, imagination and critical thinking, all 3 rolled up into one.

Creativity is something which can help our kids to face any challenges they face in the future. They can be ready to face the world if they have the power to think, imagine and create.

As parents, it’s important to encourage them and not stop them from being creative. This great initiative by Pearson is something which is commendable and worthy of all appreciation.   I have already ordered a book for young readers in my house. What are you thinking?

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