Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit, talk about your joys. – Rita Sachiano.

I normally avoid talking to people when I am upset or sad. I sort of go into a cocoon and take my own time to open up. And whenever I am ready to share, I can only share with people who are close to me. I cannot just share with anybody. But I have seen a lot of people who only talk about their problems.  Whenever you meet them, they will have a new problem.

We all have problems but I strongly believe that talking about happy moments and being thankful for them can bring you more reasons to be joyful in your life.  Here are 5 joys I am thankful for in my life-

Having a good life partner is the biggest joy. It’s not that he is perfect and perfection is boring but he is perfect for me and that’s what matters. He likes to cook and we all look forward to his weekend cooking sessions. So, I am thankful fo small moments of joy like this and much more.

My kids make my life complete and nothing compares to the joy of motherhood. I am a proud mommy of two beautiful girls and this experience of motherhood is nothing like anything else. There are many small moments like chatting with them, listening to their teen and tween talks and much more. My joy, my reason to smile and my pride- my girls make me thankful every day.

Interacting with cute little angels of my dance classes is a joy. Some of them are naughty and some of them are very sweet. But few hours every day with them, make me happy. It’s like going back to childhood with them. I am thankful for the joy I get from dance classes.

Writing in peace with a cup of coffee at night is a joy. I love me time’ and writing and reading make me happy. Meeting friends once in a while for a cup of tea or coffee and the chatting sessions are fun moments. I am thankful for the joy of friendship. Getting an unexpected call from a friend or getting a surprise visit makes it all worthwhile.

It’s important to talk about joys of life and not sorrows. So why don’t you share your list of joys with us?







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