Travelling is fun, stress buster and something which gives us a much-needed break. But is it as much fun when you have to travel with kids? I am sure many moms with small kids freak out at the thought of long road trips or plane trips with little ones.

I know it’s not easy but it can be fun if we remember to plan it properly. It’s perfectly ok if you forget something while packing. It’s more important to have fun and not stress out when travelling with family.

Are you also apprehensive about travelling with young kids?

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Here are few tips from my mommy bag for other moms who are stressing out at the thought of travelling with their little munchkins-

  1. To – do list – The first thing I do is to make a list of all the essential things we need to carry. My to-do list is quite exhaustive as it even includes things like toothbrush, comb, and shoes etc. But it saves a lot of headaches later. When you have a list, you can easily manage things.
  2. Last minute checklist – The most difficult time is just before leaving for the trip. A checklist comes handy at this time. There are many things which you have to pick up at the last minute like a water bottle, food items, house keys, and a check on a number of bags etc.
  3. Handbag essentials – It’s always a good idea to carry small essential things especially for kids in your handbag which is easily accessible. This way you don’t have to worry to look into big bags or all the luggage.
  4. Kids essentials – Medicines, diapers, wipes, food items, and extra clothes are some things which you must have in your carry bag. Why medicines you ask? It’s better to be prepared than sorry. As I always say, expect the unexpected when you are a parent. 
  5. Keeping busy – Carry things like books, games, and toys to keep them engaged and busy while travelling. Especially for long road trips, you are going to need many things as kids tend to get bored easily.
  6. Movies/Music – Keep your child’s favourite music/rhymes/cartoon videos etc. for the times when they start getting restless inside a car or plane. These always help when you are on a long road trip.
  7. Bookings – It’s always better to book a hotel or resort beforehand especially when you are travelling with kids. It saves a lot of hassle later as holidays season is the busiest season when most hotels are pre-booked. Why take a chance? Pre-book everything from hotel to cabs which you are going to need later.
  8. Go easy – A holiday means relaxing and getting a break. You don’t want to get tired on the first day itself. Plan the sightseeing properly and do not exert yourself or the kids. A family holiday means having fun together and doing activities which keep you away from any unnecessary stress. So, don’t over plan and don’t overdo.
  9. Kids bags – The kid’s age 4+ can carry their own small snack bags or carry bags with their toys and books. My girls used to love cute little bags. They still love carrying their own bags in which they can keep their own stuff. This also taught them to be responsible for their own stuff. Now they both pack their own suitcases also with little help from me. 
  10. Camera –Last but not least, do carry a camera to capture all the fun moments. Kids grow up really fast. Family holidays are the best time to make some good memories. Capture all the fun moments and just enjoy.

While travelling with kids, just keep a positive outlook and do not get overwhelmed. Travelling is the best experience your kids can have. Let them have fun and explore the world with you. We have travelled with our two girls since they were babies and loved it. So, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Go out and have fun!

Do you love travelling too? Share your tips with other moms.

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