The word mom is synonymous with so many other words and it cannot be defined in one line. A mom is someone who loves you unconditionally even before you are born. As a mom myself, I know the ups and downs of motherhood but this post is not about ranting or talking about how difficult it is to be a mom. I strongly feel motherhood is all about having fun and enjoying the moments with your little ones. If you think of it as a burden, it will, of course, feel like one.

So, when I recently watched the movie panga, it reminded me of so many other moms around me.  Many of them are unhappy because they are either not working after being a mom or those who are full time working but not happy with their life. Let me share what I learnt from the movie and share panga movie review with you all.

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Panga movie review –

This movie sends out a strong message – Just because your life changed, it doesn’t mean your deepest passion must.

Kangana Ranaut is back in another path-breaking role as she is known for and in this one, she is playing the role of a mom who takes panga after 7 years of motherhood. The movie is all about how she gets back to her passion after being a mom for many years and also excels in it.

Of course, it was not possible without the support of her family. Jassie Gill plays the role of the supportive husband in the movie and her son played by cute Yagya Bhasin.

It is a simple movie and a heart-warming story of a mom who sacrifices her dreams and takes the role of a caring mom. But she makes a comeback with a bang and shows the world that its possible. The movie is a perfect example of ‘where there is a will there is a way’.

Why every mom must watch Panga and also take panga –

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Kangana says in the movie – ‘Phir se panga lena hai!’ That should be the spirit of all the moms who think its impossible to follow their dreams once they become moms. As a mom, I know its easier said than done but its not impossible.

I feature so many creative moms on my blog and they are all true examples of moms who got back to their passions after the kids grew up a little bit. If you are a new mom who cannot step out of the house, you can start something from the comfort of your home. It can be a simple thing like pursuing a hobby like painting, drawing, stitching. If you are a full-time working mom, who is not happy with her job, start a weekend hobby class. Just taking out some time to do what you love, can make you really happy. But it’s all about taking panga and stepping out of the comfort zone.

Moms feel torn between their dreams and their family. Most of the time she steps back due to family pressures. But I am sure after watching this movie, many moms will be inspired to take that first step and believe that they can also do it. Of course, it’s not possible without the support of your family but the first step you have to take. It’s never too late to do what you love. If you are ready to take panga, let the world know that you are ready for a comeback!

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