We have to be fearless, we have to take chances.

We cant live life just being afraid of what comes next.

That’s not what living is about.

This saying is perfect for our next creative dad who we are featuring today. He is an entrepreneur, a food blogger, an avid photographer and much more. Introducing Indrajit Lahiri, a multifaceted and multitalented personality.

Let’s get to know little more about this creative dad –

Whats your background? 

I am an entrepreneur by profession. After heading the Education BU of one of the largest OEMs globally, in 2012, I felt like starting something on my own and thus formed Pickle Solutions Pvt Ltd , which in turn became one of the leading IT roll-out firms, mostly working in the North-East part of India. But, inside, I felt like doing something other than this and as I loved taking pictures and travelling a lot, formed The Streets Of Calcutta probably the first city-specific photo-archive.

When did you start blogging? 

From the sheer passion of sharing my food experience, I started writing at www.mohamushkil.wordpress.com in the last quarter of 2014, which gradually moved on to mohamushkil.com in 2017

Tell us something about pickle solutions.

Pickle Solutions Pvt Ltd is our brainchild, which is basically an IT H/W project management and managed Services Firm. We have a very strong presence in the eastern and north-eastern part of the country. It gave me a chance to explore my learnings during my service tenure and to implement them to support our small team.

We saw that you are an avid photographer too and started photography services. Please tell our readers more about it.

I started shooting still photographs from most probably 2008. But, it all changed when I met Soumya Shankar Ghosal (one of my mentors and now BFF). He is an avid street photographer and recipient of many national and international awards. So, when he came up with this idea of documenting the city, Kolkata and to encourage the habit of street photography among common people, he needed somebody with a big mouth. And, I happily joined in. Today, Streets Of Calcutta is one of the largest street Photography community in India and has done many prestigious events, including curation of Facebook India’s first offline photography exhibition in Kolkata. Recently, apart from that, I’ve started exploring food photography or rather mobile food photography for my blog. I use a Sony mirrorless camera and One plus five mobile shooting.

You don so many hats. It’s inspiring. What is your favourite work out of everything you do and why?

As they say, one should live many lives within one lifespan and I’m a stern believer in that. But, out of everything, if there’s something that I sincerely love to do, is to interact with people- various kinds, from various layers of life. I pride myself on being a pretty good listener and that’s my favorite pass time.

What is your inspiration or where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration is my 7-year-old son- period. I learn from him every day, to love without any expectation, to fight for whatever I want and most importantly, to express myself openly. He’s my source of energy and the reason that I look forward to returning home.

Indrajit with his wife and son

Most important tip for other bloggers or for other dad entrepreneurs. 

I am not someone qualified enough to give tips. But, I’d just say that we have only one life and it’s too short to be afraid of living your dreams. And, as one Mr. Khan said in a movie … “Kya pata, kaal ho naa ho”. So, live today like there’s no tomorrow.

What is your vision? Share any future plans you have. 

As a general human being, I don’t even know whether I’ll get up alive tomorrow morning. So, instead of some far-fetched plans, let’s live one day at a time. But, jokes apart, in future, I’d love to get connected with more friends and to be able to share my experiences with more people via my blog and of course to learn more.

Indrajit’s story is inspirational as it shows us not to think too much and take risks as in the end its all about doing what your heart feels right. His writings and photographs have been featured in many newspapers and eminent websites. He also regularly gets invites as a food blogger from various popular hotels in Kolkata due to his engagements.

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