I have to pick up my daughter from dance class.

I have to go grocery shopping and pick up laundry on the way.

This weekend is my son’s PTM and I also have to attend one event. Guests are also coming in the evening. How to manage everything?

We commonly hear moms saying all these things. Right? Moms actually manage everything easily as they have special mom powers. But it’s not as easy as it looks.

If you are a mom, you know there are days when you just feel like taking a break or running away from everything. As a mom, I know how it feels and today I am sharing few tips on my experience.


  1. Make a calendar – At least for those activities which you know beforehand you can make a calendar. It always helps and now I am so used to it that it’s a must for me as it really makes things easier. Of course, there are always some last minute things when you have kids. Those you can just squeeze in between.
  2. Delegate the work – You don’t always have to be a super mom. It’s much easier when you divide the workload and make sure you don’t have too much on your plate to handle. Hire a helper/fulltime maid for housework if you are in a full-time job. If you work from home, make sure you teach your kids to do few chores and let your husband handle some outside chores.
  3. Plan beforehand – Moms get stressed out when they have something important coming up. The last-minute panic can be avoided if you know what’s coming up through your calendar. An important office meeting, kids friends birthday party, attending guests, or a wedding, just plan beforehand by choosing clothes and important stuff ready. This not only saves time but also helps to avoid last minute mommy panic. 
  4. Use time-saving strategies – These days’ things are much easier as you can order anything online. Order groceries online, make use of online services for laundry pick up, food delivery, pharmacy delivery, and even you can use beauty services at home for busy moms. A relaxed salon service at your home is like a blessing.
  5. Scheduling – Make use of the time for most important tasks when you feel most productive or when kids are in school or evening classes. I make sure to finish all my writing work or all my calls and meetings when kids are in school so that I can give my unattended attention when they are back.
  6. Take a break – How can you be productive if you are tired, sleepy and cranky? Make sure you make some time to relax and engage in the activities which can help you rejuvenate. Like going out with friends, watching a movie, reading a book, or just taking a nap when kids are sleeping. A nap can actually work wonders. Also, reward yourself for all the hard work instead of feeling guilty for the things you were not able to finish.
  7. To-do list – I love making lists and cannot do without them. It is a tried and tested secret from this list-making mom. There are so many things running through your mind as a mom that you can easily forget stuff. A to-do list is a savior for a forgetful mom like me who is constantly thinking of one or the other thing. 
  8. Kitchen hacks – One of the important parts of a moms life is the kitchen. There are so many small hacks which you can use to make your life easier. Read here my 10 cooking hacks and science behind cooking.
  9. Learn to say no – Supermom is a myth. Do not try to be one and do everything around. Ask for help when required and also say NO when you feel you can’t handle something. Your time and energy and precious and use it to be more productive than just trying to handle everything singlehandedly.
  10. Make kids independent – Last but not least, if you make your kids independent by teaching them household chores, your life can be much easier. It’s beneficial for kids too as being independent is good for them in the long run. If they are small and demand attention, you can try teaching them to play independently too.

There is never enough time when you are a mom and that’s the fact. Don’t stress as it can be overwhelming and start with small changes here and there. Things never go as planned with kids and we are at a stage when we all have enough on our plates. So, don’t make things worse and just relax and plan according to your family and work.

Now its your turn. Share your mommy tips to help other moms.

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