“Why don’t you apply mustard oil on her skin?”

“Always use coconut oil to keep the skin soft in winters.”

“Why are you using soap in winters when it can make skin dry?”

“Why are you taking your baby out in cold?!”

I am sure all moms must have heard these suggestions from people around them. Well, I personally feel that these suggestions are good as they mean well. Our elders are not wrong as they have done all these things in their time. It’s just that times have really changed now. From the weather to our lifestyle to the baby-care products available in the market, we now have several new situations which were not present earlier. And, in this changed world, I am not willing to keep my child confined indoors just because it is winter.

When my elder child was small, she suffered from severe eczema. We took her to see many dermatologists and used many creams. And also bought different soaps to try on her skin but nothing really worked. When winter arrived, I was bombarded with suggestions to keep her indoors as winters can aggravate skin problems. But as a  mother, this felt like such a loss. Winters, I feel, are not a time to stop little ones from exploring the outdoor world or going out to play. It’s all about enjoying festivals like Christmas and New year and watching the beautiful season change the world around.

I conducted some thorough research on the best way to take care of baby’s skin in the winter season. My research and consultations with the doctors assured me that it was possible. And even healthy, for babies to be exposed to the natural world, no matter what the season. All I needed to do was observe some safety precautions to keep my baby’s skin healthy and problem-free. Here are some tips that worked for me-

  1. I moisturise her skin regularly.
  2. I keep her covered up.
  3. I focus on problems areas like chapped lips, dry elbows, and rough hands etc.
  4. I avoid using a heater as it dries up the skin.
  5. I take bathing precautions too.