“The problem with people who have no vices is that generally, you can be pretty sure that they are going to have some pretty annoying virtues.”- Elizabeth Taylor.

We all have vices and virtues which we all are mostly aware of. And I am sure there are few which we are not aware of but other people know it very well.

5 Vices I am thankful for-

  1. Unplanned holiday- I love travelling and sometimes we just make a random plan to visit a new place. Unplanned trips are more fun and I am lucky, my husband also loves travelling.

Do you know taking a break or going on a vacation is actually good for us? SO, I am thankful for this one ‘bad-habit’ of planning short trips.

  1. Sweets addiction– I have a sweet tooth and love eating chocolates. Sometimes, I need to hide them from my girls as I keep on telling them, how bad it is for their teeth.

Do you know they have antioxidants and flavonoids in them? So I am thankful for this ‘bad habit’ of eating sweets.

  1. Shopping- According to my husband, I explore more but buy less. I know that he is irritated by my habit of window shopping and according to him, one should just pick up whatever they like without thinking. But we women have a different point of view. Right ladies? We love to shop and we like exploring stuff.

Do you know Shopping is therapeutic? So, I am thankful for my ‘Bad- habit’ of shopping.

  1. Fear of medicines– I hate eating medicines and avoid having pills until and unless it’s very important. I have seen a lot of people popping pills for a headache, cold or a cough etc. As a dietician, I feel the food is the best medicine if you can eat healthily.

Do you know the food is a medicine? So, I am thankful for this ‘bad-habit’ or fear of eating medicines.

  1. Pushy mom– I want my girls to learn everything from karate to basketball, from kathak to Zumba. I always tell them that they are lucky that they have opportunities to attend all these extracurricular classes as our time these were not easily available. I try not to become too pushy as it’s not right to push a child if he/she is not interested. But as a parent, we should guide them in the right direction.

Do you know extracurricular classes are important as they help to develop their interests later in life? So, I am thankful for being a pushy mom.

What vices are you thankful for today?