I take on the baton of Blog Love from Blogchatter itself.

Most of you know that ‘kreativemommy’ is pretty new on the blogging scene. And I am enjoying each and everything about it. It was on the waiting list for a pretty long time and finally, in June, it was born. Since then, we have grown together in many different ways. My blog grew from a newborn baby to a baby who is ready to walk on its own and I from a confused mom to a confident mom.

“As you grow more, you can see more.

As you know more, you can achieve more.”- Robin Sharma.

Here are my feelings about my blog. I am sure you will all agree with me about this love- Blog love.

My blog is a place where my thoughts are uncovered,

My blog is a place where my ideas are described,

My blog is a place where people discover me as a writer,

My blog is a place where everything is mine.

I love my blog.

It is about writing and giving wings to my thoughts,

It is about reading what other people think of my thoughts,

It is about discovering the joy of reading and writing,

It is about everything that I want to share.

I love my blog.

It gives me freedom to create my own world with words,

It gives my thoughts a place to come alive,

It gives me many different reasons to smile,

It gives me a reason to just write.

I love my blog.

Others visit my blog and make me happy,

And It’s nice to connect through comments.

I met some great people because of my blog,

And I explored a whole new world.

I love my blog.

This post is written for Blogchatter prompt #bloglove for Valentine’s day.