If something is meant to be, It will happen. At the right time, with the right person, and for the best reasons. I am sharing the story of my arranged marriage which was 15 years ago. 

Look at the picture“- My mom said.

Picture? Who is he and Why are you showing me his picture? And What are you thinking Mom? I remember asking my mom all these questions in one go.

They are coming to see you in a few days so we also need your photograph to take it forward.” My mom announced.

I was in my final year of my master’s and as there were no talks of marriage at home, I was quite surprised at the sudden announcement by my mom.

I believe that arranged marriage is not the proclamation it once was. It has advanced and evolved over the years into a meeting of mutual consent between both sides but the problem was that I was not ready at that time.

I still remember that awkward first meeting in which only he was talking and I was just listening and nodding my head. After a few days, and approval from their side, I was still afraid of the whole situation as for me studies were more important. I was really hovering between resentment and apprehension after that.

Why are you so confused? He is a good boy with a good job and we also know the family.” Asked my mom.

“I want to meet him again“, I announced to her.

At that moment only my studies were my priority. I thought of talking to my mom. So, I decided to meet him again to ask him a few questions. Also, deciding my whole life on the basis of only one meeting seemed unfair to me.

A second meeting was scheduled and we met at one of my relatives’ houses. I geared up for the awkwardness again.

“I want to finish my Post graduation without any problem and  hope you will let me do that.” I blurted out as soon as he sat.

Much to my surprise, he looked at me and started laughing. And I looked at him with confusion. He finally told me that when I asked for a second meeting, he and his family thought there was something really urgent that I want to share with him.

“I thought you have someone else in your life and you wanted to share it with me. I have no problem as far as your studies are concerned. In fact, I want you to finish them and take your time. I am not in any hurry and will never stop you from pursuing further studies even after marriage.” He was talking and I was just looking at him, listening to him with amazement.

The prospects for the evening began to look up. Perhaps it would not be as difficult as I had thought.  He was really concerned about my feelings and I was moved by his thoughtfulness and concern.

We married after a few months after this meeting and now it’s been an incredible journey of 15 years. The best part of our marriage is that he believes in me when I tend to doubt myself and loves me for what I am.

So, this was my story of finding Mr. Right after being confused and hesitant. But now, after 15 years of marriage, I see it differently altogether; as they say, the rest is history. 🙂

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