I love weddings. But I miss attending them as I am settled away from the family for quite some time now. Weddings have a special charm with the excitement, music, aroma of good food and beautiful décor. They are like epitomes of style and romance.

A lot of good food and sweets make me happy. At least we can indulge a little without thinking about calories or weight. These days everything has changed and it’s even more elaborate than our times. There is no end to all the different kind of arrangements one can do for a wedding. My wedding saga was like a fairy tale too.


Wedding saga

The wedding saga

North Indian weddings are like a fairytale adventure with never-ending functions and events. Sometimes the entire celebration goes on for a week. It starts with an engagement ceremony, mehndi/sangeet, wedding, and the reception.

Although I have been married for 16 years, the memories of my wedding make me smile. My wedding was a typical North Indian wedding with a grand celebration. My husband and I met in November and got married in January. We had our wedding at my native place and then a grand reception at my in-laws.

I remember I didn’t want a grand scale wedding but my mom insisted on having a big celebration. According to her, as parents, they want to do it the same for all their kids. So, they wanted to do it the same as my elder sister’s wedding.

There are so many things that go into preparation for a wedding and I feel it’s all about the amount of money you can spend. The list is endless like shopping, making of guest lists, finalising the venue, décor, caterer, etc.

These days it’s not only about the wedding and a few celebrations around it. I am surprised to see new things like a pre-wedding shoot, pre-wedding outing, hiring choreographers, and designers etc. A new trend is to do it at an exotic location and invite all the guests there. As I said, it’s all about money and how much one is ready to spend on a wedding.

When I got married, I was not sure of many things and was happy with a fairytale wedding but now I think of it differently. And I am glad to see many young boys and girls taking their own decisions and do not want to burden their parents with wedding expenses. I agree that we get married only once and want it to be a grand affair. These days there are many options to fulfill your wishes to have a wedding according to your dreams.

Why is fulfilling your special wish at your wedding important? 

Your special day can be made special if you are able to bear all the costs that come with the wedding. Wedding loans can help in planning your wedding the way you and your parents want it to be. We all have different wishes when it comes to our weddings, some people want small weddings but want to go to a good place for a honeymoon, some want designer jewellery and clothes and some want a good reception at an exotic location. Write your own wedding saga and have fun.

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