We all have different women in our life. It all starts with mom, sister, mother in law, sister in law, aunts, and friends etc.

It is women’s day and I am thankful of each one of them for being there. The family is all about love and care and a satisfaction that someone is there for you always when you need them to share ups and downs of life.

A mother is the first woman we all know when we come to this world. I am mentioning my mom and mom in law first who are both not with us today. They were both very strong women.

My mom was the backbone of our family and ever smiling. I and my husband always give full credit of whatever we are today to our mothers.

Next, it is  Sister and sister in laws. Sisters are like lifelong best friends and my elder sister is like a mom to me. She is a caring elder sister for me and my younger brother.

I am also lucky to have a sister in law who is no less than a real sister. She is more than a sister in law and more like friends.

Then there are friends who make us laugh, stand with us, and support us. We all are same and yet so different.

To all of them and all other women out there, this is what I want to say today-

Say no today and be a little selfish.

Don’t want anything which you don’t like, just say NO!

Don’t like what others say or do, just say NO!

Stop taking yourself for granted and just say NO!

It is not the end of the world and every black cloud has a silver lining, just say NO!

We are stronger than we think and can be anything we wish.

So, be a little selfish today and just say NO!