My daughters love reading and writing and the younger one is fond of making up stories. She is very imaginative and can weave a story in just 5 minutes about anything.

When I got a mail from Blog Adda about this campaign called ‘ColgateMagicalstories’, I knew my younger one will enjoy this activity.

They sent us a pack of 3 toothpaste and each toothpaste has different pictures printed inside. We had to cut the pictures along the dotted lines and weave a story with our kids.

These are the pictures which came out of the first pack and my 10-year-old was so excited that she wanted to write it alone. She just discussed characters names with me.



The title of the story isSpacewalk

Main characters of the storyBoy called Utha and girl called Uthi and an alien.

Utha and Uthi won a contest and they were given a chance to go to space and were surprised and very excited.

They went inside a spaceship which gave them a warning that there was a problem and they need to stop for some time. So, they got down on the nearest planet they found and while exploring it, they spotted a UFO.

An alien came out of the UFO and picked up a gun and said something in his own funny language. When he realised the kids were from earth, he spoke in English.

He told them that he was planning to capture earth and Uthi was angry at him.

“You do not dare touch my earth otherwise I will shoot you with this gun.” Said Uthi.

They both had a fight with the alien for some time and at last, alien died.

Soon their space ship started working fine and after exploring other planets and outer space they came back to earth, to their home safely.

Their parents were so happy to see them as they were worried about them. When they told about the adventures they had in space, parents were surprised and happy too. 

They enjoyed a lot the whole experience and learned about space too.

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet story written by my tween as much as I enjoyed weaving and helping her in it.

I really liked this concept of a story inside the toothpaste packs. The second pack we opened had different pictures in it. Immediately my daughter was ready to start her next story. 🙂

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.