I am a movie buff and enjoy watching movies in cinemas more than watching them on laptop or TV at home. But when you are a mom, you have to choose movies which are age appropriate for kids as not all movies are for kids. Movies create a whole new world for kids and as parents, you can help them choose right and appropriate. Recently we went to see Super 30 as a family and the movie has a message which I am sharing in this post along with the Super 30 movie review.

Super 30 movie review –

super 30 movie review

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Super 30 is a real-life story of a teacher who faced many struggles in his life. It’s all about how he emerges as a winner despite all odds. The movie is inspired by Anand Kumar from Bihar who is a mathematician and prepares poor and underprivileged kids for entrance exams like IIT.

We enjoyed watching the movie as it gives a strong message and it is different from regular movies. But if you are looking for an entertaining masala movie, this movie is not for you. It is a biopic and the story is inspired by this real-life hero Anand Kumar who helps kids from poor families to excel in studies.

The message from the movie –

Anand Kumar’s story is a true example of hard work and determination and it conveys a strong message that the only difference between possible and impossible lies in a man’s determination. Apart from this, there are many other lessons which I learnt from the movie –

  • One must go forward with all his determination and hard work.
  • If you go back today, you can never achieve what you want to in life. Be persistent.
  • To be successful, you must try and do it with all your might.
  • If one door closes, look for other doors but don’t lose hope.
  • Find solutions for problems by changing your point of view a little bit as sometimes it’s all about changing the perspective.
  • Last but not least, don’t get distracted as distraction can lead to loss of focus.

Along with all these wonderful lessons, the movie also shows that education is a weapon which can change your life. A teacher has superpowers to change the future of a country and Anand Kumar has proved this through his Super 30 classes.

He started his classes in the ’90s and until today they are run from the same place and building. I salute Anand Kumar for all the work he is doing and inspiring the younger generation of this country.

I also salute the team of super 30 who brought the story of Anand Kumar at the forefront. Such stories are an inspiration in a world where people have made education a business to make money.

Verdict – I give it 4.5 stars and this post was not only about reviewing it on the basis of direction or acting, it was more about the reasons one must watch it. You may like it or not but I prefer such biopic movies which not only shows the real struggle of a successful person but also gives a strong message.