I stopped watching TV shows a long time back especially because of the quality of TV shows which have deteriorated in the last couple of years. Earlier, I enjoyed television shows and there was so much to watch. Also, there were fewer commercial breaks and there was a good variety of old and new interesting shows. Rather now I enjoy watching the shows or series which are available online. Recently I came across the trailer of a new series called State of Siege :26/11 which is airing soon on ZEE5.

After watching the trailer, I am eagerly waiting for the show to start as it looks really interesting.

Image Source from ZEE5

About the show – State of Siege:26/11 on ZEE5 –

It is a ZEE5 original crime thriller series starring Arjun Bajwa, Arjun Bijlani, Mukul Dev, Vivek Dahiya and Tara Alisha Berry. The show is about the incident that took place in 2008 in Mumbai and shook the whole city. In 2008, Mumbai was under siege and the actual heroes were the NSG commandoes who came to the rescue that time. It is a gripping thriller series that is centered around the Mumbai terror attack in 2008.

The trailer begins with someone delivering a hate speech at a rally. Next, the same voice addresses a bunch of terrorists ahead of their mission. In between, you can see National security guards and how they prepare to save others on that day. In the end, you can hear NSG war cry ‘Sahas Ki Vijay’ as they go on to fight the enemy.

Trailer Review –

The trailer is intense and gripping and it focusses on the unsung heroes, the NSG commandoes and other unknown aspects.

State Of Siege

Image source from ZEE5

After watching the trailer, I realised that the actual heroes were the NSG Commandoes who risked their lives to save countless Indians. During that time the rescue operation was a big thing. It helped many people stuck inside the hotel where this unfortunate incident took place. This crime thriller throws light on the lesser-known facts which were faced by the commandoes at that time of rescue operation.

At the end of the trailer, they mention that the show is based on the book by renowned author and journalist Sandeep Unnithan’s book called Black Tornado- The three Sieges of 26/11. It will be an 8-episode series which will unravel the untold stories and events during the time of crisis in 2008.

Why you must watch State of Siege:26/11 on ZEE5 –

It’s not something new or something which is coming up for the first time. Many movies and series have come up on the real incidents in our country earlier too. In fact, immediately after this incident in March 2008, which shook Mumbai, there were movies and shows which were based on the happenings of this fateful day.

Image source from ZEE5

Sometimes the shows or movies keep it real and portray the truth but sometimes they don’t show reality. The good thing about this show is that it is going to be showing a side which not many know about. This show is a must-watch to witness the unheard and unseen incidents. I remember that time, many commandoes were blamed for reaching late but this show will actually show you the reality.

State of Siege: 26/11 will provide a first-hand account of the 26/11 happening. Also, it will be highlighting many facts that are unknown to many. Also, the fact that it has a Hollywood director makes it intriguing too.

Image Source from ZEE5

ZEE5 is the largest streaming platform in India right now. I am already hooked to many shows airing on it. I am eagerly waiting for this one to premiere. Anything which shows the real side of heroes is interesting to watch. I am sure after reading about the series, you all are ready to see and witness the real stories of real heroes. The show is produced by Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Pictures and it is co-created and directed by Matthew Leutwyler. It will premiere soon and will be available to watch on ZEE5 from March 20.