I came across an article on why physically active kids are better learners. This became food for thought. Curious to know more as I personally believed it too, I started digging more. I even visited a few playschools and learning centers just to feed my hunger for curiosity. Among them, all one stood out. Eurokids’ EUNOIA program caught my attention. They have a very interesting and carefully curated program for kids to help them grasp skills and knowledge better. What’s more? These programs are age-appropriate to match the physical strength and capacity of the kids.

Imagine kids with books and well mobile phones (these days) all the time viz., kids actually out in a garden, in an actual DIY lab, getting to do things physically and seeing the reaction for every action.

How many times have we told our kids not to play with plug points or fire or knives and yet caught them curiously playing with them? At that age, curiosity takes over everything. In our inhibition to control or protect our kids (which I do not suggest as a wrong move at all), we tend to molly-coddle them. As a result of which we are not letting them experiment with anything. What is the use of a learning curriculum if all the kid gets to do is read a bunch of lines, make charts and mind map to remember it for the rest of the year only to reproduce the same thing on paper later? That is technically not learning, isn’t it? That would be more like we are teaching our kids to have amazing memory power. So that they remember things as they read.

I am not mocking our education system. In order to have a controlled environment and ease of management maybe, the system works in some specific ways. But as parents/guardians and support systems for our kids, we can step up and make this DIY learning possible for our kids.

Take them out every once a while. Visit zoos, gardens, parks, activity areas, enroll them for some learning centers trying to bring in a change. Even better take the kids to events such as HappyOn where they can see other kids learning new things, meet new people, explore a world meant for them. Let their homework be more fun because the classwork at school is already monotonous. So the next time you see a kid bouncing a basketball while reciting a table, or catch a kid trying to sing a rhyme tapping feet in a particular rhythm or simply taking a break from books and study table to go out to play, pat the kid and encourage them.

I am sure you agree with me that physically active kids are better learners. I was glad to be a part of one such fun event called HappyOn on 29 Feb at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore this year with my kid. Fortunately, Eurokids happens to be the proud knowledge partner for the event. They have this event coming up in Mumbai and you can visit them next there.

I am taking steps to make my child’s learning more fun. Also, planning to take the extra mile to include physical activities as much as possible. Will you?