The Shocking truth of effects of Technology on kids

Today there are so many gadgets and electronic appliances on the market that it becomes difficult to choose one. Most of us have touchscreen phones, laptops, computers, tablets etc. at home. Thanks to these gadgets, life has actually become very… Continue Reading →

Childhood Memories I am Thankful for

I am sure our childhood memories are our treasures which we all cherish. These are the memories that are stored in pictures and albums but the most precious ones are always stored in our hearts. Many small things remind us… Continue Reading →

Money- Do you discuss Money Matters with kids? #AtoZchallenge

M for Money My daughters are very different from each other in every way. So it was not surprising when we asked them about how they want to use their pocket money or the money in their piggy banks. My… Continue Reading →

I wish I were a Child Again and Relive Childhood!

I wish I were a child again and relive those childhood days, To the times when I was sad or had a bad day, I could just go to mommy and it would all be okay. I want to go back to… Continue Reading →

Is Your Child An Introvert?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a girl of few words. I was an introvert child who used to hide inside trying to avoid meeting any guests and would rather listen to someone talk for hours than… Continue Reading →

वो बचपन की दिवाली! – Old memories

वो हवा में कुछ दिवाली की पहली महक, वो पूरा संमा जो याद दिलाता था दिवाली की, वो ढेर से पटाखे खरीदके रोज़ कुछ बजाना, वो भर पेट मिठाई खाना और थक के सो जाना, दीये और मोम्बतियों से घर… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To My 16 Year Old Self!

The last few years have shown me that life is unpredictable and uncertain. Life completely changed for me and my husband after we came back from the US. I lost my parents in the last few years and my mother-in-law… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Princess

Today my younger one, my princess entered the double-digit club. Today on her 10th birthday, thinking of the time when she was born. I had a tough time in last month of my pregnancy. I was a complete bed rest… Continue Reading →

I Am A Mom!

I am a mom, There are days when I want to run away, And there are days when I want to hold on. There are days when my feet stick to the floor, As there is glue all around. There… Continue Reading →

Going Back To Childhood!

“We spend our whole childhood, wanting to grow up faster but we spend our whole adult life, wanting to go back to the simplicity of being a kid again.” As kids, we always want to grow up. We always want… Continue Reading →