For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a girl of few words. I was an introvert child who used to hide inside trying to avoid meeting any guests and would rather listen to someone talk for hours than actually do the talking. I also had a very selected group of friends. But I am a changed person today and strongly believe that socialisation is very important for everybody. Of course, there are days when I don’t want to interact with anybody but believe that being a hermit always is not a good thing too.

I encourage my daughters to socialise and make new friends by giving my example. I always tell the, ” If I can change, anyone can change.”

Here are some tips to encourage your child to become more social and less introvert-

  1. Exposure– Β By exposure I mean, unveiling and uncovering different things for your child to explore. Kids who get a good exposure right from childhood are always more social and outgoing. Make sure to give your kids exposure by travelling, attending events, festivals, food, music, art, books from other cultures too.
  2. Participate– Encourage your kids to participate in different competitions and contests. It can not only make them more confident but they will surely learn things like team spirit and sharing etc. Make sure to tell them that participation is more important than winning.
  3. Perform– Make sure to encourage your kids to perform on stage in front of people as this can not only take out stage fear but also boost their confidence. This one is from my personal experience as stage performances made me much more confident in school days.
  4. Socialisation– It is important for kids to interact not only with their friends but also with others. When kids interact with different people, it helps them to overcome shyness and open up more. As parents, we need to encourage them instead of criticizing them for their behaviour. Β Let them start by just saying a ‘Hello’ to new friends. Slowly they can start a conversation as they feel comfortable.
  5. Appreciation- Sometimes low self-esteem and low confidence in kids make them Introvert. It is very important to appreciate and encourage your child whenever possible. As parents, we need to remind them time and again about their good qualities, talents or any such thing which make them different from others.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with Introversion, it simply means one is happy with some alone time rather from social contact. But, for children to manage successfully in society, they must learn to interact with others in a positive and healthy manner.

Do you think your child is an introvert? Is he not social? Is he always hiding from new people? Let me know your experiences below.