Today my younger one, my princess entered the double-digit club. Today on her 10th birthday, thinking of the time when she was born.

I had a tough time in last month of my pregnancy. I was a complete bed rest for one month due to some complications. My husband took care of everything with the help of our neighbours as we were in the US and there was still time for my MIL to reach here.

One month somehow passed, and our angel came into this world. But the struggle was still not over. When she was just 5 days old, I developed some rashes all over my body which looked like some kind of allergy. We left our girls with my MIL and went to the emergency ward of the hospital at night.

It was a long wait in the hospital and finally, our turn came after two hours and when nurses checked me, they told that my blood pressure was very high and they cannot let me go home until it comes down.

So, I was hospitalised and all this while we were getting calls from my MIL that our baby was crying a lot and it was difficult for her to manage the baby. I just wanted to go back home but they didn’t allow us due to my BP.

Next day, the BP came down and we went home but those 24 hours felt like an eternity to me. Today while sharing my birth story with you all, I am feeling nostalgic. It seems like yesterday only she came into our lives and can’t believe that she is entering the double-digit club.

She is ten but it looks like she will be sixteen tomorrow. We are experiencing a different phase of life with our tween these days and surely there are many ups and downs. But I want to cherish all this before my princess grows up and flies away leaving the nest.

As they say, “Life is not  a matter of milestones, it is of moments.”

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