Today there are so many gadgets and electronic appliances on the market that it becomes difficult to choose one. Most of us have touchscreen phones, laptops, computers, tablets etc. at home. Thanks to these gadgets, life has actually become very easy and comfortable. Technology has taken over everything.

You can order food at the touch of a button, order groceries sitting at home and pay all the bills too. How convenient is this!

But don’t you think technology has made our lives digital too?

I feel technology has a lot of benefits but with liabilities.  It is dividing families rather than uniting them. Parents are busy with laptops and phones, kids are busy watching TV programmes. How can they bond with each other when they are busy in their own lives?

The main purpose of technology was to make thing simpler and easier for all but its creating distance between families. TV, laptops, tabs, phones have replaced all the communications and the personal touch. Contrary to the olden times, when people used to meet in groups and there used to be some personal interactions.

Effects of technology on kids –

A few days back my younger one didn’t want to go out to play as her favourite cartoon programme was coming on some channel. One of my friends told me that her son and his friends came to know about their favourite movie being telecast on TV and instead of going out they planned to watch a movie.

This made me realise that times have really changed and before the kids become too addicted to all these things, we need to do something.  Too much TV or video games can take away their childhood from them.

Negative effects of too much TV –

  • It can make them anti-social as they won’t know how to interact with their friends or family.
  • It can affect their mental and emotional being.
  • And it can affect their concentration and creativity.

It’s not that technology has only negative effects. If parents know how to use it positively, it can be a boon too. A proper use of gadgets and TV can actually be beneficial for kids.

Positive effects –

  • There are so many educational channels like discovery and animal planet which can actually teach kids a lot of good information.
  • The Internet can also be used by kids to learn much new information. It can be used for a fixed time under the guidance of parents.
  • Media and internet are great tools if used properly and in moderation.


According to a study, Indian children spend at least 6 hours watching TV or any other gadget such as Phone, laptop, I pads etc. That’s more time that they give to an activity except for sleep. Isn’t it alarming?

This is by endocrine today in a recent study.

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A study at the National Institute of Media and the Family also found that primary grade children who watch media violence are more likely to treat their friends with rudeness and mean behaviour.

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I asked few moms about their experiences. Sharing with you all what they had to say –

I have seen a huge difference in my son when he watches TV for a longer period of time. I just wish there was something which could help me to get him off the TV.” – Reema, mom of Ansh 7 years.

More than TV, I am worried about the advertisements they show on TV. I cannot be around my kids all the time when they are watching TV. These days they show all kinds of ads on kids channels too and kids learn a lot from TV. I wish there was a solution for this.” – Arti, mom of 2 kids.

A psychologist, Geetha Chinappa from Chennai says, “Too much TV can lead to behavioural problems, obesity, and other problems. Kids should be encouraged to go out to play as physical activity helps in mental and physical development.”

As parents, it’s important to teach kids about positives and negatives of technology. Lead by example and teach them to respect its power. The decision is yours – Do you want a digital child or a happy child?