We celebrate many different festivals in India but Navratri time is my favourite. Especially after coming to Bangalore, we got to witness different ways of celebrating a festival. Here are few snapshots of all the fun, excitement and joy of last 10 days-

First Day of Navratri with the blessings of Maa-


Kolu/Golu – Came to know about it for the first time after coming to Bangalore. We never heard of this way of celebrating ten days of Navratri. Some of our Tamilian friends invited us to see this and for haldi kumkum.


img_20161006_184544087 golu

My cute students performed on different festive songs during the celebrations. Here is a glimpse of one of the group.



Durga maa came on 5th day of Navratri to bless us all


Dandiya nite fun with Family and friends


Ramleela by residents and my younger one as Saraswati (In white saree)


My elder one performed on an Indo contemporary dance on the theme of ‘Female warriors of india.’


Experienced different cultures and different ways of celebrating durga puja. A glimpse of sindoor khela- A celebration on last day just before immersion of maa durga. It is celebrated by all married women in which they apply Sindoor to durga maa and then they smear one another with sindur and pray for long and happy married lives. For more information and beautiful pictures of Sindoor khela – See this.


Dusshera celebration – 35 feet Raavan effigy made by residents as we don’t get to witness Raavan dehan in Bangalore.


I love festivals and all the celebrations related to it. So, this is the glimpse of all the fun and excitement of last ten days. 🙂 Read about mythological reference of Durga pooja here and all the excitement around the festival here .

 This post is for Day 12 of UBC and Daily Chatter