I love watching soap operas and shows on my favourite channel ZEE TV. But sometimes I have to miss the regular episodes due to work commitments or travel. Its fine to miss one or two episodes but it gets difficult to catch up when you miss for a week or so. There are many platforms where old episodes are available but the latest ones are difficult to find. Recently I came to know that you can not only watch the old shows on ZEE5 but also the ongoing shows.

It was such a relief to know that now I don’t have to miss any shows. I can anytime watch any episode from ZEE on ZEE5. Some of the shows I love watching are –

  1. Love Me India Kids – Love Me India Kids is a singing reality show and there are so many talented kids. I just love watching it as its good to see the talented kids and their singing.
  2. Zindagi Ki Mehek -The reason I like this show is that the main character of the show Mahek played by is a passionate cook and has inherited her love for cooking from her mother. I can relate to it as I also love cooking and my mom is my inspiration for the same. Zindagi Ki Mehek is based on the passion for food which is my passion too. It shows that you can achieve success if you have passion and willpower to do anything.      
  3. Kumkum Bhagya – I already wrote about this show as this is a show which I have been watching for a long time now and still don’t miss it. This family drama is my favourite as it revolves around a mom and her two daughters.
  4. Shree Vishnu Dashavtara – A mythological show which my father in law loves watching as it is a story about mythological adventures of Lord Vishnu. Now he can watch it on ZEE5 anytime.  
  5. Vikram Betaal– We used to watch Vikram Betaal as kids and it’s interesting to watch with my kids and show them a story from our times. It is a show which surely keeps you hooked as Vikram and Betaal take you along on a mysterious journey.  

I am sure you also have your favourite shows on this popular channel. What are you waiting for? Just download the ZEE5 app and watch the latest episodes on ongoing shows on your phone, laptop or tablets. Watching Zee TV shows anytime and anywhere just got easy!


*Picture courtesy Zee5