If I have to dedicate one day to somebody, it would be somebody who I admire the most and who was the most influential in making a person who I am today – My parents. Nothing can be compared to love and care of parents. Parents love is the most selfless love. We should celebrate it every day and not one day.

Parents are like those unsung heroes,

Who never ask for anything in return.

Parents are special in each and every way,

Showing the right way and encouraging us with each passing day.

When they are there, you know nothing can go wrong,

They are both reasons why we are so strong.

They are the people we can’t replace,

They are the ones who helped us at every stage.

They taught us to fight back, and not bend down,

They picked us back up, whenever we fell down.

Their love, care, and sacrifices should be celebrated every day and not only one day.

Even though they are gone, I will stand and continue on, I will dust up and walk along, as I am proud to say, I am their daughter. There are many moments and incidents that make me proud of them. I used to remember them with tears in my eyes but now learnt to accept it. Now I remember them with a smile as I think of all the lovely memories of them.