You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I am telling you why,

Santa Claus is coming to town.

Parents but they know that Santa Claus is not real but they always ask their kids to behave well as Santa is watching them. For kids, the excitement of leaving cookies and milk for Santa, watching through the window for his sleigh and Christmas mornings are so much fun. Finding gifts under the tree is the best part and this happiness doubles when kids get what they wished for. The belief in Santa and he bringing gifts is quite magical for the kids. They try to be nice so that Santa brings gifts to them. In reality, parents are the real Santa’s who fulfil their wishes.

So, parents are you ready this year too? Read here – 7 ways to have fun with kids this Christmas

It’s difficult to find a perfect gift for everyone but we can try. I am sharing a list of Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages –

For 0-2 years

You can gift them

  • feeding sets
  • swing/Bouncer
  • Bubbles kit
  • A soft board book or a toy according to their age.
  • An activity table
  • Clothes
  • puzzles
  • Rocking chair/bouncy/inflated chair
  • musical toys
  • soft toys

When looking for gifts for babies, you have to be careful about sharp corners or hard surface things as everything at this age goes to the mouth.

You can even give these beautiful baby cloth sets for a first Christmas.

For toddlers –

Toddlers are a bunch of very active kids. There are many options for this age group ranging from books to toys and games to outside fun. They are surely going to ask for fun things from Santa. If you want to gift something different, go for a gift voucher to visit a gaming zone or kids play area.

  • Books
  • Activity books
  • Tricycle or a skateboard
  • Board games
  • Gaming zone or kids play area outing
  • Puzzles
  • Flashcards
  • Stationary
  • Blackboard with chalks/Whiteboard and markers
  • Doll sets

Tweens and teens –

The first option which comes to my mind is – Books as both my girls love reading. The second option is similar to toddlers but little different – A gift card to visit a gaming zone or a movie outing. If you are confused about what to gift a teenager, a gift card is always the safest option where they can choose themselves.

  • Movie outing
  • Books
  • Online shopping gift card
  • Watch
  • Camera
  • Favourite outfit/jackets/shoes
  • Posters of their favourite singer or movie star
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Music cd’s
  • Backpacks/slingbacks

Look at this lovely sling back which my tween loved. There are a lot of more options for both boys and girls in bags at Amazon.

What are you planning to gift your near and dear ones this year? Do share the Christmas gift ideas for kids with us. Waiting to hear from you.