Dusshera is a festival of the triumph of good over bad. I still remember the time when we used to go to see Ravan Dehan with our parents. The whole atmosphere used to be festive and fun. Watching 10 days of ramleela with our parents and the excitement of watching Ravan effigies being made by people all around the city was too much fun.

I always tell all these stories about my childhood to my kids and make sure to include them in all the festivities going around. I believe festivals and celebrations related to them are the best way to teach them about our culture.

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During Dusshera holidays, I run a holiday camp for kids and we include mostly fun crafts, non-heat cooking, dance, drama related to the festival. Today I am sharing a list of some crafts which we made in the camp. These are a creative way to keep kids busy and occupied too.

  1. Paint the pots– You can get clay pots or diyas of any shape and kids can paint and decorate them. We used different household and craft materials to decorate the pots and kids enjoyed decorating their own pots.

    Hand-painted pot by kids

    Kids enjoying pot painting

  2. Dandiya Sticks– Normally the dandiya sticks are made up of wood or metal. You can make soft dandiya sticks which small kids can easily use.To make dandiya sticks, use old newspapers and some broomsticks. Roll thick broomsticks inside the newspaper and give it a shape of a dandiya stick. Make sure to properly stick newspaper with glue and let it dry for some time. Later on, kids can decorate this with coloured and shiny papers or other decorative stuff.

    Bright and beautiful handmade dandiya sticks

  1. Rangoli- Its festive season and a perfect time to teach kids about making rangolis. You can take them out at an open place and teach them some easy designs. We used flower petals to decorate them. Kids loved this activity.

    Rangoli fun

  2. Decorative Diya stands- This is one more craft which uses recycled and unused materials. We used old CD’s and kids decorated the opposite shiny side of a CD. They can then stick a T-light in the center. You can see how pretty it looks.

    Old Cd’s diya stand

  3. Diya painting– This is my daughter’s favourite activity which we do around this time. The diyas which they paint every year is used at Diwali time at our house. Make sure to make them sit at a place where they can’t make a mess and are also free to use their creativity.

Diya painting


The kids are going to be very excited when you use the crafts made by them this festive season.These are some of the creative ways to keep your kids busy this festive season. Along with all this, you can also do some non-heat cooking with kids. I will be sharing some non-heat cooking ideas soon with kids.

Do let me know if you have any creative ideas too. Happy Navratri and festival time. 🙂