Love has no definition and being a parent – that love knows no boundaries when it comes to your children. This valentine’s day why don’t you celebrate the day of love with your children? Let’s celebrate valentines day with kids.

Parents often worry that they are unable to spend as much time as they would like with their children. They feel that connection and love are missing. Since Valentine’s day is all about love – it’s just a perfect day for you to remind your children how much they are really cherished and loved. Children need love, care and reminding every day. This day is perfect for you to let your little ones know how much they really mean to you.

Sounds interesting? Read on –

How to celebrate valentines day with kids-

1. Hand made cards with a secret message –

Every child that is born is born with the inherent need of being loved. There are no special occasions for this but you can make it extra special by making some handmade card with secret love messages for your children. Imagine their surprise when they read and hug you in return! Priceless!!

2. Inexpensive Gifts –

The idea is to show love and not price here. Love cannot be purchased by money and no money in the world can make your child loved. This is just like memorabilia for this loving day.

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3. Watch a Kids movie together –

Unwind with your child and watch a good family/children’s movie that puts its focus on love between family or love between parents and children. Some of my favorites are Moana, Frozen, Finding Nemo / Dory, The Lion King etc.

4. Decorate the house together –

No need to go overboard. Let your children be the focus of the day and celebrate them.

5. Plant a Plant –

Plants need love just like children to grow. On Valentine’s day – double the celebration by getting seeds of plants that grow all year around. Watch them grow with your children – as you and your children take care of it with love. This also teaches children how to be commitment and responsibility.

6. Bake a heart-shaped chocolate cake –

Valentine’s day cannot really be complete with some delicious cake. Bake a simple Oreo/chocolate cake with your children. Let them help you collect items for it and help through the process.

7. Wear coordinated colored clothes –

Red is usually the color of Valentines. Make your own theme and wear color-coordinated dresses and take loads of pictures.

8. Put a love note –

When you are packing your children’s tiffin – put in a love note. Praise them.

9. Dance crazy –

Host a small valentine’s day dance party. Dress nice and put your party clothes. You can do this every year as a family theme on valentines’ day.

10.Random acts of love –

Children always remember this. On the day of love – take your children and feed street dogs or cows. Take chocolates/ice creams for laborer’s working around your house. Buy them food if you can. You can also visit an orphanage or an old age home and distribute flowers or hand made cards.

How are you planning to spend this day of love? Hope you liked these ideas to celebrate valentines day with kids.