New moms need all the help possible. Anything which can make things easier for them is always the best gift for them. I remember when my daughters were born, it was not easy initially and it felt as if my whole world turned upside down.

Lucky are those who have their family around as any help is a great help at this time. My daughters were born in the US and my mother in law came there to help us. It was a great help and luckily we had a very good set of friends who also helped us a lot.

When you think of gifts for new moms, it’s mostly baby clothes, baby diapers, and all baby related stuff. Why not choose something for moms for a change? I feel it’s important to wisely choose gifts for a new mom.

What to gift new moms?

Everyone thinks of only baby products but I am sharing a list of things which I think can be really helpful for new moms-

Baby carrier– It is really helpful to carry the baby around. And it should be very comfortable. I like this one from the Baby carrier.

Baby diaper bag– It is a necessity, a bag to carry not only diapers, wipes but something which is spacious enough to carry everything.

Car storage and organiser- A mom’s comfort is the most important and this is a very useful product when travelling with a baby. I recently gave it to one of my friend and she found it very useful.

Body wash- A mom’s body changes a lot during pregnancy and also after delivery. The Moms co. has some special range of products for moms. They have launched few products for new and expecting moms for now and will be launching baby products soon.


Stretch mark cream– During pregnancy and afterward, our body changes completely. Stretch marks are something which we all get and sometimes they do fade with time but mostly they are always there to remind us of our pregnancy. Moisturisation is the key and I used this cream throughout my pregnancy and I have very fewer marks.

Personalised gifts–  Why not make a mommy happy by gifting her a personalised gift? There are many like a mug, a photo frame or an album to cherish her memories.

Stroller- Although it is for baby but it is a mom’s best friend and can make going out with baby really easy. It is my favourite product as it made our trips to malls, grocery stores or walks very easy.

Baby care products– I know every mom needs them and these are the first thing which comes to our mind. A kit with all the essential products like baby oil, shampoo, soap, cream etc. can be given to a new mom.

Nursing pillow or feeding pillow– It makes nursing really easier for new moms. I used it during my time and found it really useful.

Books- Moms need some good advice too as there are so many things which are confusing and of course new. What to expect the first year was my favourite book at that time. It is on top of the list for new moms.

Mother’s day contest

We have a Super mommy mother’s day contest for all our mommies. #MondayMommyMoments is all about supporting other moms. So, for the month of May, we have a contest starting today till 31st May. Find all the details below-

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This week’s prompt- Share with us a list of 10 gifts for new moms.



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