When we got married, my husband was the talkative one and I was more of a listener. Now after 16 years of marriage, the tables have turned. I talk more and he listens more (Not sure of the listening part though). It’s a common complaint as we wives think husbands don’t listen as much as we want them to. I have a habit of sharing all the details of whatever happened in a day with him. And mostly I realise that he was not listening. So, I actually ask him questions related to our conversation to check if he was actually listening or not. How I make sure that my husband is listening –

What can be done to improve the communication with your hubby?

I try all these things-

  • Do not nag and repeat same things. Nagging is not going to help anybody and he is not going to pay attention to what you are saying.
  • We expect them to read our mind and know what is going on but actually, it’s better to be direct with them. No beating around the bush.
  • Look for a time when he is free and talk to him instead of expecting him to pay attention when he is busy with some work. Sit with him with his favourite snack and a cup of tea to talk to him if you have to talk about something important. Good food always works with husbands. 🙂
  • It all depends on the mood too. See for signs and mood swings. You cannot start a discussion about something important when he is worried about his work. Actually, you will be talking and might realise after some time that he was thinking about his work and not listening to you.

Before everything else, we need to remember that ‘Women are from Venus and men are from mars.’ So, expecting them to be a good listener is a difficult task but we can try. 🙂

How do you make your husband listen to you?

Share some tips with us to make sure your husband is listening.


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