This one is about friends who come in all different shapes and sizes and have different interests and hobbies, different natures, and my learnings from them. I’ve met some great friends and some not so great friends. Here are different types of friends according to me.

There are Inconsistent friends who are not constant in the way they treat you as one day they treat you as their besties and other days treat you as you are invisible, Unthankful friends who do not know how to be thankful for what you have done for them, Insecure and jealous friends who will make you feel inferior or guilty conscious for no reason and as if u have to impress them always, last but not least Happy go lucky friends who are always happy and you feel happy in their company (Love them the most).

I know I am not the best but surely can never hurt anybody intentionally or deliberately.  I learnt a lot of good things from my parents. They were and will always be my best teachers and I thank them for everything. The most important thing I learnt from my father was to be humble, honest and patient. So trying my best to be like him but I don’t like people who cheat other people. So, I can be either your best friend or worst enemy as it’s not easy to forget things easily.

Like Woody Allen said, “It’s important to have some laughs, but you got to suffer a little too because otherwise, you miss the whole point of life.” It’s human nature to forget to count our blessings when everything is going smoothly.  Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.

3 Types of Friends I am thankful for-

I divide them into 3 H’s-

Honest Friends– You know you can count on them for anything. It is great to know that there is somebody who is always going to give honest suggestions and feedbacks. I am thankful to have few such friends in my life.

Happy go Lucky friends– These friends make you laugh and make you happy when you are around them. Sometimes, when you are feeling low, they pick you up by just being there for you.

Helper/Guide/Mentor friends- This type of friend is an advisor, role model, guide and a teacher. Whenever you need help with anything or get stuck at something, you think of this friend. I am thankful for few such friends.

As they say, “Life is all about finding your kind of crazy.” I am glad to find such crazy friends who I am thankful for. 🙂

Now it’s your turn to share 3 types of friends you are thankful for in your life.