Whether you are a working mom or SAHM mom or WFH mom, I am sure we all are always faced with different questions from different people. Our society is not so understanding and they always ask insensitive questions or pass comments.

  1. WORKING MOM- There is always a feeling of guilt for working moms because of divided attention between home and work. And to make the matters worse, our very polite neighbours and people around us ask these questions-
  • Who looks after your kids when you are not around?
  • Who takes care of their studies and homework when you reach so late from the office?
  • Are they with maid the whole day?
  • Don’t you think your kids need you and your time more than your money?
  • How do you manage to give them food in school when you are always running?
  1. WFH mom (Work from home mom) – As a WFH mom myself, I feel it is the most difficult to work from home as it requires a great deal of management. What other people don’t realize is that those of us who choose to work from home (also caring for our home and children full-time) is that there are many sacrifices along the way. As I am an entrepreneur, I have been faced with many questions and comments that made me feel, “One is completely useless if they are not going out to work”. Common questions faced-
  • Are you not working?
  • I know you run your own business but you are not working, right?
  • How do you manage kids and working from home?
  • Do you earn enough by working from home?
  • Why don’t you go out and work?
  1. SAHM mom (Stay at home mom) – Stay at home moms juggle between home, kids and household works. These moms choose not to work as they want to be with their kids or don’t have anybody to look after their kids or it can be any other reason too. The questions faced by them-
  • Are you a stay at home mom? Why don’t you work?
  • What do you do whole day?
  • Don’t you feel like going out and doing something?
  • Do you like sitting at home?
  • What is it like enjoying at home and doing nothing?

People are very judgmental. I can’t speak for men, but for women, it seems like no matter what we do, we are told that we are failures for not doing more or the opposite of what we are doing. Many women who go out and work are told that they should be at home raising children, despite the fact that they may need to work to support the children or enjoy contributing to their career. Many women who do not work are told that they should go out and earn money without knowing the reality. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a working mom, WFH mom or SAHM mom, people will still judge you. So, stay happy and stop worrying. And it’s important that as moms at least we should support each other 🙂