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Fifteen Years Of Love!

I can’t believe it’s been fifteen years since you came along, I knew the moment we met, this is where I belong. We know what we have and we’ve made it this far, We often take things for granted, but… Continue Reading →

Are You A Middle Child Of The Family?

A few days back, one of my friends told me to write on “Being middle child in the family”. I and my husband both are the middle children and we immediately related to this topic. The eldest child is brought… Continue Reading →

5 New Superfoods In The Market!

Are you looking for new healthy food items to add to your list? Don’t look any further as here is a list of few superfoods which are new and people are trying them to see the benefits. There are chances… Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Me From Going To School!

‘City takes a hike as buses strike‘- Latest news from Bangalore. Bangalore transport union declared an indefinite strike on Monday and as a result, there were no buses and public transport available on the roads. People had to depend on… Continue Reading →

The Love Of Family And Joy Of Friends!

Since the time we got married, we lived far away from our family.  Even I grew up the same way, our whole family spread out. Both I and my husband always had wanderlust. But over the years, I have realised that… Continue Reading →

7 New Dance Forms In India

Dance is an art which is an expression of ideas, stories, and emotions. It is not only a great way of exercise but it can be entertaining and an escape route from all negative thoughts and worries.  There are many different dance… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Princess

Today my younger one, my princess entered the double-digit club. Today on her 10th birthday, thinking of the time when she was born. I had a tough time in last month of my pregnancy. I was a complete bed rest… Continue Reading →

Food or exercise or both?

You must have read many stories of weight loss and wondered, “How they did it?” Actually, Nutrition and exercise, both are important for your well-being. For example, If one is doing too much muscular exercise, they should have a good… Continue Reading →

It’s About Money Honey!

It’s about money honey, it’s not funny honey, It controls people, it changes them for good. It makes them selfish, it shows them the truth. It’s about money honey, it’s not funny honey, It can create differences, it can distance… Continue Reading →

Visit To A National Park- A Photo Blog

Nagarhole National Park (now known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park) is a national park situated in two districts- Mysore and Coorg of Karnataka state. It got its name from the river ‘Nagarhole’ flowing eastwards through its center. We went to the park from… Continue Reading →

5 Insensitive questions people ask all moms

Whether you are a working mom or SAHM mom or WFH mom, I am sure we all are always faced with different questions from different people. Our society is not so understanding and they always ask insensitive questions or pass… Continue Reading →

I Am A Mom!

I am a mom, There are days when I want to run away, And there are days when I want to hold on. There are days when my feet stick to the floor, As there is glue all around. There… Continue Reading →