September 2016

5 Bollywood Moms We Adore

Mothers, Moms, mommies, mamma, mummy- whatever you call them, they are all the same- loving, caring, and always ready to teach you something new. 🙂 In our Bollywood movies, we have seen many adorable screen moms like Ratna Pathak, Kirron Kher… Continue Reading →

5 Things To Teach Your Kids About Bullying

Bullied by peers, 14-year-old jumps from 10th floor Bengaluru: A 14-year-old student who police suspect was bullied by his peers jumped off the 10th floor of his apartment complex in JP Nagar. Raunak Banerjee, a class 9 student at Baldwin Boys’ High… Continue Reading →

Daughters Of India Deserve Education!

It’s 2016 and still, people in India discriminate between girls and boys in our society. It is a sad truth for daughters of India and it breaks my heart to see girl child going through all this. Although things are… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To New Moms

This one is for all the new moms and moms with young children. As a mom of a teenager and a tween, looking back to all those baby years and sharing with you all what I feel. It is not… Continue Reading →

5 Nutrition Queries And Solutions For Kids!

Mothers are always worried about one or the other thing about their child’s nutrition. They are panicking more than ever about feeding their children the right food as they feel confused by all the unwanted advice. Here is a list of… Continue Reading →

रुक जा ज़रा, थम जा ज़रा!

कहाँ जा रहा है, रुक जा ज़रा , थम जा ज़रा. यह समां न रहेगा हमेशा, यह बातें न रहेंगी हमेशा. भागते भागते पीछे छूट गए सब लोग, पीछे छूट गयी वह गलियां, जहाँ था तेरा बसेरा, जहाँ थे दोस्त… Continue Reading →

From The Diary Of A Blogger!

  Diya loved writing since her school days. She had her favourite diary in which she used to write her daily happenings. In college also, she used to share everything with her personal diary- her concerns, her self-doubts, and her triumphs…. Continue Reading →

Meet A Strong Mom- Deepa Malik!

As most of you know by now that for this month, every Thursday I am writing about a Mom’s life and issues. I wanted to write an inspiring story this week and came across a great story of grit and… Continue Reading →

10 Different Types Of Kids

You must be thinking- different kids? Kids are kids! What do you mean by different types of kids? Well, I have observed them while working with them in my holiday camps and classes.  So, here is the list and find it for… Continue Reading →

An evening before her birthday!

  It was an evening before Arti’s birthday and she was not feeling too good. Sometimes she would get all kinds of negative thoughts and would feel upset the whole day. She just had a cup of tea when Abhay… Continue Reading →

Hey Mom, Be A Girl- 6 Tips To Follow!

Recently Amazon has launched its new campaign – #MomBeAGirlAgain which is about moms who are busy in managing their kids and household. It is a reminder for all the moms to be a girl again and pursue their hobbies and passions… Continue Reading →

5 Important Things To Teach Kids before exam time

A 13-year-old girl student of a school has gone missing since Wednesday morning. A few days back, Bangalore woke up to the news of a teenager missing and several messages followed on WhatsApp and Facebook after that. For the next… Continue Reading →