Mothers are always worried about one or the other thing about their child’s nutrition. They are panicking more than ever about feeding their children the right food as they feel confused by all the unwanted advice. Here is a list of few common questions and the solutions-

Question- My child won’t eat. What should I do?

Answer- First of all, stop panicking and getting tense. Find out the reason and it will give you tools to help them eat little more. Just see, there is no medical reason attached to it. Some common problems which can affect eating are fatigue, constipation, teething etc. Also, a routine is also very important. Little structure around meal time is very important. Make mealtime pleasant and regular for your kids.

Question- My child likes only a few things and he won’t even try anything new- what should I do?

Answer- Sometimes kids have their own ‘comfort zone’ and anything new and they do not like anything new. Kids are also great imitators and followers. Start introducing things right from the starting and if they see you trying it, they will surely learn to eat them. So, the trick for this one is to see you trying new things and they will follow. 🙂

Question- My child takes out all the veggies from his food, how will he get nutrition?

Answer- If your child is eating fruits and not all the veggies, it’s OK. Slowly, introduce veggies in different forms like add it in the grated form in paranthas, make pancakes with hidden veggies, make veg rolls with some healthy sauce etc. As far as nutrition is concerned, they can get plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits. Don’t push them to eat Veggies! If you push them, they will never eat them.

Question- My child won’t drink milk at all, what to do? 

Answer- Many parents get anxious when their child won’t drink milk. The main concern is the requirement of Calcium, Vitamin D, and protein intake. You can try adding various health drinks to the milk or give alternatives like fruit pudding, custard, smoothies, curds, yogurts, cheese etc. Disguise it in your child’s normal meal. Don’t worry as these nutrients can be made available through other food items too like fortified cereals and juices, green leafy vegetables etc.

Question- My child eats too many sweets- what to do?

Answer- Too much sugar is bad for kids. Try not to give it with every meal or as a reward whenever he does something good. Avoid processed foods, sodas, ban sugary cereals and bring plain cereals and give with milk, pay attention to natural sweeteners, give plain yogurt instead of flavoured, give fresh fruits instead of canned ones.

I know it’s easy said than done but “If you fail once, try, try, and try again until you find something that works for you”. Good luck and hang in there! Hope these solutions help you.