Diary of a blogger – A journey of a girl from a diary writer to a blogger. 

Diya loved writing since her school days. She had her favourite diary in which she used to write her daily happenings. In college also, she used to share everything with her personal diary- her concerns, her self-doubts, and her triumphs. Her diary was a spot for her to ‘unload’ as she used to share all her rollercoaster experiences with it.

It was also an account of her daily musings or was like a thoughts keeper from time to time. Every time she used to feel bored or sad, she would open her diary and write, it will just cheer her up.

After college, she got a job and she was so busy that she never got time to write anymore. Her personal diary used to come out only on the weekends and that also sometimes. As much as, she wanted to write, she was not getting time anymore. But she missed writing, missed sharing her thoughts with her best friend, and missed the smell of fresh pages.

Diary of a blogger

Diya got married and moved to Mumbai with her husband. She got so busy with her new life that writing was the last thing on her mind. She stopped writing completely due to a lack of time. But somewhere at the back of her mind, she always wanted to share her thoughts on her favourite dairy. They moved to California after few years and had their first daughter there after some time. In her baby shower, she got a baby record book from a friend and she had no idea what to do with it.

After few days, she opened it and the same smell of fresh paper and of a new unused book brought back many old memories. She picked up her pen and started writing to her daughter. She shared all her thoughts, happenings, with her in that book. Every day she used to write to her and that made her so happy as if she found her long-lost friend in a foreign land.

After some time, she came to know about blogging through a friend. She loved the idea of writing and sharing your thoughts with everyone. She started blogging at first due to her passion for writing. Her pen and paper have always been a comfort so that made it hard for her to blog initially, yet she wanted to blog.

Why not share my thoughts with the world? Everyone else does. To me, it doesn’t matter if I’m just a small fish in the Blogging Sea right now because I write for me, and hopefully along the way someone else will find joy or encouragement through what I write.” Though Diya to herself.

This is how a diary writer turned into a blogger and has been writing ever since. But, she still loves the smell of ink on fresh paper.

P.S – A few days back, she won a Twitter contest by rangroute and won a beautiful diary. As much as she was tempted to write in it, she kept it safely. And opened it a few days back and wrote few lines which gave her the same old happiness of writing in her old best friend – her personal diary. 🙂


Also,  ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’