Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits. -Twyla Tharp

Sometimes we are so comfortable with our habits that it is difficult to decide if they are good or bad. Creativity is like a habit for me now which I am thankful for and here are few more-

Plan the Day Ahead: I like to plan beforehand as it helps me to take a few minutes and think ahead. I like to shut my eyes and visualize about the day. Try it and you will be surprised how your visualisation becomes reality.

To Do List: I make one ‘To-do’ list every day in my diary and write down all the things which I am planning to do that particular day. It is a habit which I love and can’t do without it. I used to experiment with different things in college during exams like color-coded writing, post-it note reminders, etc. in school and college.

Gratitude– This is a habit which gives me time to be myself and opens my eyes to see that I have lots of good in my daily life which I should appreciate. Gratitude can make us nicer, more trusting and more social.

No junk food- I am trying to follow ‘No Junk’ policy in my home. Healthy eating habits are not that hard to follow if you know what to replace junk food with. Food can be nutritious and yummy too with some changes here and there. Bad food habits are not good for health, so, focus on these 5 bad food habits that can affect you and your health.

  • Eating too much junk food– Fast food is easily available in markets and the younger generation is addicted to it. They find burgers with soda, fries, and other such food items as convenient and of course delicious as they have extra sugar and salt in them. But they can lead to many health problems later in life.
  • Eating even when not hungry-: Pay attention to your hunger signals and switch to healthy snacks. You will see a difference in your weight and overall health.
  • Skipping breakfast– I always suggest people not to skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. If you are running late, carry a fruit or a glass of juice, milkshake, with you. But don’t make it a habit to skip it completely.
  • Emotional eating- Many people eat when they are sad, angry or are in a bad mood. This habit is bad for health as it leads to weight gain and other health problems. Try distracting your mind and engage in some activity.
  • Eating fast- Eating quickly can lead to digestive problems and overeating too. Try taking small bites and stay relax while eating.

With determination, anyone can fix bad eating habits, and get to a healthier weight. Do you have any bad food habits?